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Is there an audio file that has to be translated quickly? Manual audio translation might take hours, if not days, for lengthier ones. Consider transcribing the translation of a recording, song, or interview word for word.That can be a painful process. Now you can use an online translator tool to do the work for you in minutes. All you have to do is to upload your audio or video and translate the speech to text for you. Wavel Studio supports MP3, WAV and other popular formats. You can edit or make minor changes manually if needed. You then download the TXT file for whatever purpose it may serve. You can download it in TXT, VTT, or SRT format. No need to use word document or any other to type your translation, it is incredibly fast and easy in our technology.

How to Translate your Audio ?

Upload an audio file

Upload an audio file

Click on “Translate Audio” and select the audio file from your browse folder. You can also attach a file link into the box below.

Translate Audio

Translate Audio

From the left menu, click on “Subtitles” then your language and select “translate”. Click Process. Wavel Studio will automatically translate your audio. You can make minor changes manually too in minutes.

Translate Audio

Process and Download

Once your editing is done, click on process and download. Make sure to select the format you prefer to download, TXT, VTT or an SRT file.

How to Translate Audio Online

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