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Transcribe audio-to-text with our audio-to-text converter. 30+ languages and 45+ formats supported.

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Scripting and Editing Videos

You can upload movies in addition to audio files, and Wavel Studio will transcribe the audio from the video as it would an audio file. You can submit videos in the following formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and others.

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A Reliable Online Transcription Service That Is Inexpensive

This is ideal for professionals who frequently have to record meetings, interviews, or presentations for work-related purposes. Compared to employing a qualified transcriber, it is a remarkably inexpensive solution!

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Voice-to-Text Conversion in a Few Clicks

Do you need to swiftly transcribe an audio file? Manual transcribing of the audio may take days or even longer for longer ones. Imagine transcribing a recording, song, or interview word for word.

Download Your Transcription File In A Few Clicks

It only takes a few clicks for Wavel Studio to transcribe your audio then you can download the transcription file. After uploading your audio, head to the Subtitles tool and click 'Auto Transcribe.

How to Transcribe Audio to Text

Audio to text: Benefits

Are you searching for a fast and straightforward solution to create transcripts of your voiceovers, podcasts, or meetings? Look nowhere else! You may quickly and easily make transcripts of your chats and audio recordings using the Wavel Studio free audio-to-text converter. The best part is that nothing needs to be downloaded or installed on your computer because everything runs in your online browser. Simply sign in, add your audio or video file, click the Transcribe button, and relax as our software creates a flawless audio transcript to modify and store on your device!
Available In All Formats
Wavel Studio is primarily an online video editor compatible with all standard video and audio formats, including WAV, MP3, WMV, MKV, MP3, and AVI. Because of this, you may stop wasting time hunting for file converters and worrying about the format of your audio files.
Transcripts of your Zoom meetings
As our online video editor and the Zoom conferencing platform are connected, you can quickly and rapidly create accurate meeting transcripts by bringing your Zoom Cloud recordings to Wavel Studio via the Zoom button. You may import audio from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive or drag Zoom recordings offline.

Automatically Produce Synchronized Subtitles
You can create subtitles for your videos without worrying about synchronization using the same speech technology that allows you to automatically transcribe videos with Wavel Studio in seconds. Simply click the "Translate" button, and our editor powered by the cloud will handle the hard work for you! Selecting the font, size, and positioning is all that is required.
Video And Audio Editing 
Wavel Studio online can do much more than merely produce subtitles and transcripts. Also, you may add photos and beautifully animated graphics to your videos using our robust online video editor. Also, it has many audio editing options, such as gain control and custom equalization, that highlight your voice's best aspects.

Why Transcribe Audio?

An audio file's audio or sound output is transformed into written content during transcription. Usually, a competent transcriber handles this. However, some computer systems and transcribing software programmes can also take it.
Text documents typically display audio transcriptions. When audio files are manually transcribed, a transcriber listens to the audio and converts it to text by writing or typing what they hear. On the other hand, when utilizing computer software, you submit the audio file for the programme to go through and use voice recognition technology to convert it automatically to text. This text is intended to be read independently of the original audio or video file.
Benefits Of Transcribing Audio
Transcribing audio has several advantages since it opens up new possibilities for accessibility and reach. In particular, the transcription of audio files is appropriate for
using your material again
By converting your audio content into text, you can give your audience access to information previously only available through audio. Making your data available in several formats by converting audio recordings into text files makes it simpler to repurpose audio content for blogs, social media postings, articles, and other written media. This will enable you to produce content for a broader audience and improve your chances of reaching more people through other distribution channels.
For Improved Discoverability, Use Subtitles
Audio transcriptions with subtitles help broaden your audience in addition to repurposing material to reach more individuals. Adding subtitles or captions to YouTube videos or other audio content is a good idea.

Why convert audio to text using Wavel Studio?

Another transcription method is automatic transcription software. These software programmes are made to automatically create text transcripts of films or audio files using cutting-edge voice recognition technology. This approach is frequently used for dictation.
While automatic transcription is frequently quick and inexpensive, it can occasionally be inaccurate, especially if your audio content needs to be simplified or contain a lot of accents. Double-check your final transcript file for mistakes if you use an automated transcription system.

Transcribe Audio Fast - Our online audio-to-text converter only takes a few minutes to work, making it much faster than manual transcription or traditional apps that need to be downloaded and installed.
Generate Transcripts And Subtitles - Wavel Studio is a terrific tool for creating perfectly timed subtitles for your videos since it allows you to export your audio transcript in various forms, including more than five subtitle file types.
Anywhere Audio To Text Conversion - Because Wavel Studio is browser-based, it works well on all computers, including Macs, Windows laptops, and even Chromebooks.
Free Audio Transcription - With our free accounts, you may use our automatic audio transcription capability and other video editing tools to see how effective cloud video editing is.