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For IVR, contact centers, and other automated telephony systems produce voice prompts and greetings that are expert-quality, understandable, and natural-sounding. Bring the caliber of your customer experience up.

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Create IVR voice prompts with Wavel's realistic AI voices to provide clients a better contact center experience by enabling more individualized, human interactions.

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Spend less time and money recording voice overs.

The manual recording of IVR voices is a waste of time and money. With Wavel, you can quickly create audio prompts with a professional tone.

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Wavel supports more than 120 voices in more than 20 languages with various accents. To serve consumers internationally, set up automated contact center services in each of these languages.

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When a customer calls a business with a question, a complaint, or a support need, they usually hear the IVR voice. IVRs establish the mood and provide the caller a preview of their interaction with the business. Therefore, it's crucial to make sure the message or audio prompt seems authentic. Any consumer self-service application can be improved with Murf's high-quality, brand-specific voiceovers.

Creating an IVR Voice in 3 Easy Steps

IVR: What is it?
IVR, or interactive voice response, is an automated phone system technology that enables incoming callers to access information via prerecorded messages without speaking to an agent and to use menu options via a touch-tone keypad selection or speech recognition to have their call routed to particular departments or specialists.

What role does TTS play in IVR automation?
The messaging process can be automated by IVR systems by using TTS to create audio prompts instead of expensive, time-consuming voice recordings.

How many languages are voice over services offered for IVR?

Call centers can leverage Wavel's selection of 120+ voices in 20+ languages to provide voiceovers for their IVR systems. American English, British English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian are just a few of the languages that fall under this category.

Give your IVR System's voiceover the finest possible treatment to delight your callers and consumers.

Typically, an automated, monotonous, robotic-sounding voice recording would communicate with a consumer during an IVR contact, and the customer would answer by pressing the appropriate buttons to move through the system. Today's IVR systems, however, come with built-in speech recognition and text to speech capabilities that completely automate outgoing messages and allow users to converse verbally with the system rather than pressing buttons. This saves time and effort because it takes a lot of time to record every possible response.
In other words, because it speeds up production without requiring the recording of audio files with human voices, TTS has become a popular option when developing voice applications like IVR.The use of recorded files necessitates the recording of each message in a human voice, as opposed to the dynamic generation of TTS prompts in a professional voice from raw text.
An interactive voice response system's text to speech converter makes use of neural network algorithms to provide a realistic, entertaining, and customized user experience. Thus, businesses may add branded, high-quality audio to any client self-service application to enhance it. TTS also gives contact centers the ability to produce natural-sounding speech in a variety of tongues and accents, serving a global clientele.

How can I build an online voice over for an IVR?
In order to create IVR voice over, a voice actor will often record a series of voice prompts in a professional, cutting-edge recording studio. After further modifying, editing, and normalising the recorded voice over, IVR prompts are created and integrated into the IVR system. The entire process takes a long time and costs money.
TTS software streamlines the entire process, obviates the need for a company to purchase pricey recording gear and a recording studio, and spares them the time and expense of working with a voice actor, an editor, and recording the voiceover.A call centre business may automate the entire process of repeating callers' input and delivering order status and account information, among other things, with the help of an AI-driven text-to-speech solution powered by the best conversational AI in the industry. These IVR voiceover recordings can also be enhanced using TTS for incredibly smooth playing over any phone system and provided ready-to-use in the necessary audio format.

Additionally, a professional-sounding voice gives an IVR-generated voice prompt greater authenticity and naturalness, which enhances the client experience.

Wavel can be used to create lifelike IVR voiceovers.
Wavel text to speech's 120+ realistic, emotion-rich voices in 20+ languages are available for consumers to use in creating voice prompts that seem natural. This technology was created to support high-quality self-service applications. Does your message need to be authoritative and formal or informal and conversational? Wavel will take care of you. Customer service organizations don't need to recruit, train, or record voice talent in order to automate the responses given by their IVR system. For IVR voice over, on-hold messages, and other voice-based applications that customers can relate to, use Wavel to produce realistic voice overs.
The fact that Wavel's IVR voices are reasonably priced is what sets it apart from other providers. Users can choose from a free trial, a Basic plan, a Pro plan, or an Enterprise plan, each of which has a different price.

A Unique Selection of Languages and Accents for Your IVR
The difficulty of communicating in a wide variety of languages provides particular difficulties for firms, especially contact centers that serve clients worldwide. A multilingual IVR system is frequently required to direct callers to the appropriate department. By implementing such a system with professionally recorded IVR voice prompts, a business can advance in a way that is both brand-affirming and culturally sensitive. This is laborious to do manually.

Making audio prompts in a variety of languages is simple with a text-to-speech platform like Wavel and its easy turnkey features. IVR voice overs can be produced by organizations using Wavel in more than 250+ different voices and 20 other languages. American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Indonesian are among the languages that fall under this umbrella.