The Voice: A powerful tool for telling engaging stories

Within minutes, create your audiobooks! Wavel's extensive library of 250+ AI voices in 20+ languages makes narrating an audiobook simple. To make listening enjoyable, choose the ideal tonalities and emotions.

Wavel how it works
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Establish a Constant Audio Level

Wavel offers more than 250+ voices in 20+ languages, voice support customization options, and quick creation of professional voice overs.

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Add Several Characters

With Wavel, you can give your audience a distinctive listening experience by adding many voices and characters to your story.

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Nowadays, recording audiobooks is simple.

Your audiobook is prepared for publication when you upload your script, choose voices for each character, and edit.

The power of the spoken word: crafting compelling voice overs

You may generate many accents in both male and female voices with Wavel's AI voice. Utilize many modification options to give your narration some flair. Therefore, you might want to try linda's voice if you're writing business audiobooks because it has a deep, motivating quality. Choose Jenny's voice if you're producing audiobooks for kids; it's upbeat and the most alluring.

Three easy steps to creating an audiobook voiceover

How do you pick the ideal voice actor to narrate your audiobook?
The market for digital audiobooks is increasing! Nowadays, every author wants a digital audiobook edition of their book. But it's not as simple as it appears to record the voiceover for an audiobook.

Your first audiobook can be laborious to record. To keep the audio level constant, you must have all the necessary tools, sit in a calm space, and record repeatedly. It might be challenging to find the ideal audiobook narrator. However, despite your best efforts, the quality of your audiobook can still be lacking. There will continue to be occasional ambient noises, tone, pronunciation, and audio level variations.This is where AI voiceovers for audiobooks excel. With Wavel's audiobook voices, you can quickly produce audiobooks of the highest quality. Join Wavel Studio to test out the audiobook voices.

Wavel for Immersion Reading: How to Use It?
Whether you're making a voiceover for a fiction or non-fiction book, you need a skilled audiobook voice that complements the subject matter of your book and provides nuance for a satisfying reading experience. For the audience to connect with the audiobook, the voice of the characters must sound like them. Additionally, it must sound credible, relatable, and professional.

You need the appropriate voice to fit the topic whether you're reading fiction or a more sober non-fiction book about business. Wavel offers a wide variety of AI voices that can immerse you completely in the narrative.

Wavel's main advantages for audiobook voice overs
Several customization options provided by the Wavel's text to audio platform allow you to alter your voiceover, give emphasis to particular words, change the pronunciation if necessary, speed up or slow down the voiceover as appropriate, add pauses where necessary, and more. These consist of:

Voice-Over Feature
Bring the many characters in your audiobook to life. Wavel Studio offers 120+ voices in 20+ different languages.

Wavel's "Emphasis" button enables you to vary the emphasis placed on specific words in a sentence and infuse your narration with feelings.

Size & Speed
While the Speed feature allows you to change the narrator's speech rate, the Volume feature aids in controlling volume.Your audiobook voice is more enticing because of all these unique qualities.

Soundtrack and musical
If you are producing a children's audiobook, you will utilise this frequently. Give your audiobook a dramatic twist by adding background music and a soundtrack from Wavel's catalog of royalty-free music.
With a natural voice, quickly produce audiobook narration of studio quality! Create audiobooks from your written content by uploading a script or previously recorded audio. No need to purchase pricey recording equipment due to the absence of background noise. There is no requirement to use a qualified audiobook narrator. With our voices enabling modification features like pitch, speed variation, and emphasis addition, you may produce high-quality audiobooks in any genre.

Create believable voice overs for all of your animated video genres.
Create human-like voice overs for each individual character on a single platform to elevate your animated video content.

Ideal for creators and bloggers
Creators and bloggers can better engage their audiences, create instructional videos that are easier to follow, highlight funny moments, and more by creating animated videos. Even blogs benefit from artificial intelligence voices when they speak in the voices of cartoon characters, adding relevance and explanation to the content.

Ideal for YouTube Montages
Begin creating stunning YouTube animated videos with our text to speech converter, which includes over 120 AI voices in multiple languages that span age, gender, and ethnicity.

Brand Promotion
Do you want to build trust without being boring?
Create animated videos that are both entertaining and memorable in the minds of your target audience.
Are you introducing a fantastic new product to the market?
Make engaging animated product explainer videos that narrate the utility and guide.
Creating Tik Tok and Instagram Reels animated content?

Make your animated videos with TTS voiceovers go viral. Make a statement by combining human-like voices with the world of animation.

While watching games, add some excitement. Consider having the perfect voice for your virtual avatar. Play the game with human-like voices, but add personality as an added bonus.