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We use the latest AI technologies and machine learning to provide accurate transcripts. We've been independently reviewed as the most accurate automated transcription service. Wavel Studio uses the latest security protocols to ensure your data is safe and secure. No human touches your files; it's completely automated.

Media: Automated Transcription In Three Easy Steps

The Value Of Automated Transcription Services

Automated transcription is the ability to accurately convert speech into text. Transforming audio or video to text opens up a whole new world of opportunities for data mining and information. The created text can easily be analyzed or fed into other applications for further insight. Accuracy is of utmost importance.
Wavel Studio's proprietary algorithms leverage the latest AI to drive the most accurate automated transcript on the market. Wavel Studio is fast, easy, and accurate. You need everything in the world's most revered automated transcription platform.
One of the best values of automatic transcription software is that it offers many different benefits that start with transcribing audio.
For instance, you can take an English video, transcribe it, then translate that into another language. Wavel Studio can do this automatically and can support up to 39 languages. As a result, you can access new markets and expand your reach to other countries.
Automatic transcription software lets you put subtitles to your videos quickly and automatically. This is valuable for making your content accessible to people with hearing disabilities.
Auto transcription services can also allow you to repurpose your content. For example, you can use the transcript of an existing video to create blog articles, webinars, and social media posts. That allows you to extend the life of your marketing assets and increase the mileage of your marketing spend.
Auto-transcribing software can even improve your SEO. You can upload a transcript alongside a video or audio file so search engine bots can "read" the content. This will increase the ranking of that content and make it easier to find.
Automatic transcription software is also invaluable as an internal tool. You can use it to transcribe the dozens of meetings or sales calls that most businesses get in a single day. That will allow you to review them and extract insights at your convenience.
Transcripts can also help prevent miscommunication by stating the exact words in an online meeting. This benefit is precious if some speakers are from various countries with different accents.
Finally, opting for an auto transcript service instead of hiring a professional has perks. Automated tools like Wavel Studio can produce transcripts that are nearly as accurate as a human but at a faster turnaround time. Transcriptions for a moderate-length video can take as little as 10 minutes.
Even the best transcriptionist, by contrast, will take hours to do it. At most, you need to do minor editing to get it up to quality.
Then there's also the cost. Human-run transcription services typically charge high hourly fees. Wavel Studio, in contrast, only captures a fraction of that price.

The Accuracy Of Automated Transcription Software

Wavel Studio has been independently reviewed as the most accurate automated transcription service. The word error rate is the typical metric for assessing accuracy but features like the Wavel Studio. Custom dictionaries enable customers to create custom vocabularies and increase accuracy.
We frequently test across all languages to get consistently low WER across all media types. Our testing demonstrates the lowest WER compared to some of the most prominent players on the market.
Indeed, accuracy is one of the top metrics for identifying the best automatic transcription software.
Indeed, many free transcription tools need more high-quality results. At most, you'd need to spend added time and effort to tweak these transcripts to bring them up to acceptable accuracy because even a mistranslated or misheard word can be disastrous. In a court case, for example, a wrong transcription of testimony can get a person wrongfully convicted or freed. In scientific applications, it can lead to erroneous conclusions.
But even in the context of business, even slightly inaccurate transcriptions will reflect poorly on your business. At worst, mistranslating another language might offend some of your clients.

Media Industry Advantages Of Transcription Services 

Transcripts are used in a variety of media products, including radio, television, movies, plays, podcasts, and documentaries:
1. Help the audience comprehend the program by using subtitles
2. The program into other languages
3. Provide reliable recordings
4. Make the sector more searchable
5. Teaching objectives
6. Editing for closed captioning
7. SEO improvement
8. Supporting scholarly research
For future use and dissemination across channels, the content from any film, television program, advertisement, promotional video, internet video, documentary, training program, classroom lecture, news piece, podcast, radio broadcast, or talk show must be written down.
Audiovisual media content transcription is a crucial component of the media industry. Media transcription takes audiovisual material and creates a written copy on paper or a computer. These transcriptions can be used in post-production for editing, creating captions, and translation. Transcripts make editing video clips, extracting proper soundbites, closed captioning, and sharing online more convenient.
You provide a written version of the content by transcribing keynote speeches, lectures, webinars, interviews, seminars, product reviews, and video recordings. The written text allows users to quickly and efficiently jump to the relevant point of the recording and view what they want, saving time and meeting users' needs more directly.
The internet is becoming more centered on audiovisual forms of communication. However, search engines like Google still rely on text and only sometimes integrate audiovisual files. In many cases, audio-video content is unfound in Google or Yahoo's history, and, therefore, hard to promote or find potential viewers. Transcripts increase content visibility and enhance user interaction with subtitles, which can double video completion rates.
Media transcription is valid for both the production house, user, and search engines. The SEO advantages allow users to find and navigate your digital media content easier, resulting in increased popularity of your content. Transcriptions are an effective way for media companies and programs to increase their online presence without spending a fortune on promotion.
Our Transcription Services for the Media Industry
For years, preferred Transcriptions has been a reputable transcription company for various businesses, professionals, and organizations. Our AI transcriptionists emphasize speed, quality, and personalized services to make your operations smoother and more effective.
Experienced And Accurate Transcription Services
Transcriptions are often time-consuming and complex endeavors. Transcribing a single person speaking can be complicated, and audio recordings of several voices for extended periods only add complexity. Accurately capturing the nuances of communication in voices and conversations requires experienced and skilled AI transcriptionists with acute attention to detail.
Our transcription services for the media industry are the ideal solution for professionals and organizations seeking a way to streamline their production workload and enhance the visibility of their web content, all while maintaining quality and speed.
Personalized Service to Meet Your Needs
Whether your media projects are large-scale or small-scale, our team can satisfy your transcription needs. Our clients are happy to know that we only upcharge for the transcription of one speaker, which will save you money. Our AI transcriptionists are also proficient in the specialized knowledge and vocabulary associated with numerous industries, and we gladly accommodate any transcript formatting or template needs.
Speed and Convenience
Our clients value their time and money, so we want to best use those two elements. As such, our clients can utilize our convenient dictation options for their transcription needs. One option includes 24-hour access to our web-based dictation platform via smartphone, telephone, digital handheld, or any PDA device. We also pride ourselves on 24-hour turnaround times while providing secure access to our clients' documents anytime, anywhere. With our transcription services for the media industry, your transcription needs will be exceeded.