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No programme download is necessary because our video translator is purely web-based. The best part is that Wavel Studio's translations and subtitles are accurate. It is inexpensive and has a 95% accuracy rate. Only a few words need to be edited once Wavel Studio creates the subtitles for your Video.


Multilingual Voice Cloning

With Wavel AI's voice cloning technology, users can effortlessly generate a synthetic replica of their own voice capable of speaking in multiple languages. This cutting-edge feature proves exceptionally beneficial for translation tasks, as it facilitates seamless dubbing of content into diverse languages.


Accurate Pronunciation and Inflection

Utilizing Wavel AI's voice cloning technology guarantees precise pronunciation and inflection in the target language, a crucial aspect in preserving the intended emotion and meaning of the content. The system adeptly replicates the subtle nuances of speech, capturing the authentic rhythm and emphasis of the original actor's delivery.


Seamless Dubbing Experience

In contrast to traditional dubbing methods that entail hiring new voice actors for dialogue re-recording in different languages, Wavel AI's voice cloning technology offers a transformative solution. By employing the cloned voice of the original speaker, dubbing studios can achieve a seamless dubbing process, eliminating discrepancies in emotional tone and delivery.


Enjoy the convenience of our free video translator, supporting over 30 Languages and offering 250+ Voices to choose from. Say goodbye to language barriers and connect with a global audience like never before.


With 30+ Languages and 250+ Voices to select. Our AI Translation tool for Youtube, Vimeo and much more without the hassle of manual editing.


Easily Generate Your Translated Video with Just a Few Clicks

Unleash the potential of your content with AI-driven video and audio translation and go global.



The first step is to upload the audio or video content that needs to be translated and dubbed. Users can upload their files through the Wavel AI platform or application.



Once the content is uploaded, users have the option to make any necessary adjustments and corrections to the translated file generated by Wavel. Users can edit the translated file to ensure accuracy, naturalness, and cultural appropriateness. They may also have the option to select different voice styles and tones for the dubbing.



After the user is satisfied with the translated and edited version of the content, they can proceed to download the final version. Wavel AI generates the new dubbed audio or video file, incorporating the edited translations and selected voiceovers.

Use Cases of AI Translation Services

Our Translation tool has many use cases and can be beneficial in many different contexts. Whether you're a business owner, traveller, student, or healthcare professional, translation can help you achieve your goals and connect with people worldwide.


Use Cases of AI Translation Services

Our Translation tool has many use cases and can be beneficial in many different contexts. Whether you're a business owner, traveller, student, or healthcare professional, translation can help you achieve your goals and connect with people worldwide.


Multilingual Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ produce a vast amount of original content in various languages. Using AI Video Translation, these platforms can efficiently dub their shows and movies into multiple languages to reach a broader audience worldwide. Instead of relying solely on human dubbing artists, the AI can automatically generate accurate lip-synced translations, allowing the platform to add more language options and expand their user base across different regions.


Cross-Border Medical Collaboration and Research

With AI Video Translation, medical professionals from different countries can collaborate seamlessly on research projects and share knowledge and insights without language barriers. For instance, a team of researchers in Japan can collaborate with a team in Germany on a clinical study, using the AI translation to communicate and exchange findings effectively. A research team in India conducts groundbreaking research on a rare disease, and they want to share their findings with counterparts in France and South Korea. By using AI Video Translation, they can effectively foster global knowledge exchange and potential breakthroughs in treatments.


Localization of Educational Content

Educational institutions and e-learning platforms can leverage AI Video Translation to provide multilingual versions of their educational videos. This would allow students from diverse linguistic backgrounds to access the content in their native language, leading to better comprehension and engagement. AI can automatically dub lectures, tutorials, and instructional videos, making it easier for educators to reach a broader audience and break language barriers in the educational sector.


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We are very happy with Wavel and the quality of subtitles they can produce for us.

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The Great Courses produces well over 500 hours of video content a year. Wavel has done a wonderful job accommodating our closed captioning needs.

Helen CEO

Their turnaround time is great and the platform is easy to use. We will highly recommend Wavel and its services.

Leslie Social Media Influencer

The scripts generated were pretty accurate. We have a wide range of topics and multiple instructors who record the video content.

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Translation FAQs

What is AI Audio & Video Translation?
AI Audio & Video Translation refers to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automatically translate spoken content in audio and video files from one language to another. It enables seamless communication and content accessibility across language barriers.
What is Voice-to-Voice Translation?
Voice to voice translation is a specific application of AI Audio & Video Translation where spoken content is instantly translated from one language to another in real-time during a live conversation or communication. It allows people who speak different languages to understand each other without the need for human translators.
Where can I find the best AI Video Translation services?
Wavel AI offers one of the best AI Video Translation services, leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and reliable translations for video content. Their platform ensures high-quality results and efficient processing.
Is there an AI-powered solution for translating videos with audio?
Yes, Wavel AI's video translation services cover both video and audio translation. Their AI algorithms can accurately translate spoken content from videos, making it a comprehensive solution for multilingual video content.
How does Wavel AI Audio & Video Translation work?
Wavel AI's technology uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to recognize and process speech patterns in audio and video content. The AI system then translates the speech into the desired language, enabling effective cross-lingual communication.

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What is AI Video Translation?


Video translation is the process of translating the content of a video from one language to another, making it accessible and understandable to a different audience. This process is crucial for companies that want to reach international markets, target diverse audiences, or make their content more inclusive for people who speak different languages.

AI Translation: Similar to machine translation, AI translation uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to translate the meaning of a video. It can be applied to various video content, including narration and marketing videos.

The different ways of presenting translated content in videos include:

  • Video Dubbing: This involves replacing the original audio in the video with new content in the target language, matching the lip movements of the actors or presenters. Modern dubbing techniques have improved synchronization, making the viewing experience more natural for the audience.
  • Video Transcription: Transcribing the video includes providing a written text of the spoken content with timestamps, making it easier for viewers to follow along with the discussion.
  • Voiceover Narration: In this approach, a new voiceover is recorded in the target language, following the original video content. This method is commonly used to create a fully localized version of the video.

Use Cases Of Wavel’s AI Video Translation

AI video translation can be a powerful tool with numerous use cases, enabling effective communication and accessibility across languages and cultures. Here are some prominent use cases of AI video translation:

  • International Communication and Collaboration: Businesses and organizations operating globally can utilize AI video translation to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams speaking different languages, thereby breaking down language barriers.
  • Global Entertainment Distribution: AI video translation enables content creators and streaming platforms to expand their global audience by offering translated versions of movies, TV shows, and online videos.
  • Government and Diplomatic Usage: Governments and diplomatic bodies can use AI video translation during official meetings, conferences, and negotiations to overcome language barriers and foster better communication.
  • News and Media Translation: AI video translation can help media organizations to translate news reports, interviews, and documentaries, allowing them to reach a more diverse audience and maintain a global presence.
  • Public Service Announcements: During emergencies or natural disasters, AI video translation can aid in disseminating vital information and safety guidelines to populations that speak various languages.
  • Cultural Exchange and Tourism: In the tourism industry, AI video translation can assist tourists by providing translated information about historical sites, cultural heritage, and local attractions.

Why is Wavel AI best for AI Video Translation?


Wavel AI is an advanced AI-powered platform that excels in video and audio translation, providing a seamless and personalized experience for users. With a host of features and customization options, Wavel AI sets itself apart from the competition. Here are some of the main features that make Wavel AI the smart choice for your translation needs:

  • Automatic Translation: Wavel AI's cutting-edge AI technology ensures automatic and accurate translation of spoken language in videos and audio files. Say goodbye to manual translation efforts and save valuable time.
  • Real-time Translation: Experience the magic of real-time translation with Wavel AI's live translation capabilities. Receive instant translations while the video or audio is playing, making it ideal for live events and conferences.
  • Multiple Language Support: Wavel AI supports a vast array of languages, offering translation services for numerous language pairs. No matter which language you need to translate to or from, Wavel AI has you covered.
  • Accurate Transcription: Prior to translation, Wavel AI ensures precise transcription of the spoken content into text format, guaranteeing high-quality translation results.
  • Customizable Outputs: Tailor the translation outputs to suit your specific needs. Customize the level of formality, style, and dialect to ensure the translated content aligns perfectly with your preferences.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Wavel AI seamlessly integrates with popular video hosting platforms and supports various video and audio file formats, ensuring hassle-free translation and publication.

Use Cases Of Wavel’s AI Video Translation

  • Free Trial with 15 Credits: Get started with Wavel AI's free trial, offering 15 credits to experience the platform's capabilities without any commitment.
  • 5-Minute Dubbing Generation for a Single Project: Quickly generate dubbing for your video projects, streamlining the translation process even further.
  • Wavel Watermark: Wavel AI provides a watermark feature, allowing you to protect your translated content and maintain ownership.
  • 250+ AI Natural Sounding Voices: Choose from a diverse range of AI-generated voices, ensuring your translated content sounds authentic and engaging.
  • 40+ Languages: Wavel AI supports over 30 languages, catering to a wide range of global audiences.
  • 20+ Use Cases: Whether it's for advertisements, entertainment, e-learning, or beyond, Wavel AI offers versatile use cases to meet your specific requirements.
  • Bulk Upload: Save time and effort by uploading multiple video and audio files simultaneously with Wavel AI's bulk upload feature.
  • Available Voice Jobs: Access opportunities to contribute your voice to projects and earn rewards through available voice jobs on the platform.

However, here are generalized steps that could be involved in the process of using an AI video and audio translation service:

  • Sign Up: Create an account on the "Wavel AI" platform or service.
  • Upload File: Once logged in, you may need to upload the video or audio file that requires translation. Some services may also support input through URLs.
  • Select Source and Target Languages: Choose the original language of the video or audio and the desired target language for translation.
  • Translation: Initiate the translation process by selecting the appropriate options or buttons on the platform. The AI system will then process the content and provide the translated version.
  • Review and Edit (if needed): After the translation, review the output for any errors or inaccuracies. Some services allow users to make manual adjustments if necessary.
  • Download or Publish: Once you are satisfied with the translation, download the translated video or audio file, or directly publish the content with translated subtitles.