The Best Way To Create Captions And Subtitles

Automatically convert your video to text in minutes. Then, edit the video by editing the text. Or quickly create captions & subtitles for your videos in seconds.

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Edit Video By Editing Text

We built the world's first AudioText Editor, which allows you to edit video by editing text. Yes, you read that right. If you remove text in your transcript, the underlying video will also be removed, making your pre-edit fast and easy.

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Collaborate On Video Production

Wavel Studio's online platform lets you keep all your edits, highlights, and strikethroughs in one central location so anyone can access them anytime from anywhere.

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Search For Words, Not File Names

You know how difficult it is to search for that phrase or dialogue from a video you created a few months back. Well, now that's easy with Wavel Studio.Your original video and audio will always be preserved.

Easily Create Subtitles And Captions

Wavel Studio has many export options, including SRT. You can seamlessly bring your transcript using the SRT export to create video subtitles. Customize the look and feel of your captions: font size, color, background, and positioning.

Music Producers & Editors: Automated Transcription In Three Easy Steps

The Greatest Music Transcription Experience in the World 

Switching between slowing software, YouTube, and a different notation editor is unnecessary. Wavel Studio has everything integrated. You can view and hear the recordings as you annotate when you import YouTube videos, MP3s, or other video files. You can also slow down and loop them. As a result, you receive immediate feedback while working. The ultimate result is a more accurate transcription with a beautiful notation that is in time with human performance. Never before has learning from a recording been easier. Although transcription is a lot of labor, we ensure the final product will be something you can use for a very long time. With Wavel Studio, you can produce more valuable work than traditional paper sheet music. You develop an engaging training resource for Because of this, even after transcribing for a while, you may resume your work and practice right away without having to look for the recording again. When you're ready, sharing your work with the Wavel Studio community is simple so that others can learn from it. 

Online Music Transcription App

You can now automatically transcribe songs to text online with Wavel Studio. Wavel Studio can do it all for you in one click. Get accurate transcriptions requiring only minimal edits. You can even translate your transcript into multiple languages. You can edit your video using our video editor when you're done. You can download a copy of your transcription in TXT format. Get unlimited transcription downloads with a premium account; visit our pricing page for more info. All online; no software to download. Our music transcription software is fast and easy to use. Simply record or upload your song and use our automated transcription feature. You may need to edit a few lines of text, but it's only minimal, unlike other time-consuming methods. Then you can download a copy of your transcription in minutes! Wavel Studio offers a full suite of tools for all your audio and video editing solution needs. You can use our webcam recorder to record yourself singing or just record audio—then quickly transcribe them. Download a copy of your music transcripts in one click. You can also hard-code your song lyrics into your video.

An Amazing Way To Enhance Your Musical Vocabulary

When we hear about transcription, it often concerns jazz solos since they are not typically written down. Many jazz students try to make logical sense of classic solos by writing them down and figuring out what caused the Solo to be great. Here are a few pointers on using the transcription method to take your musicianship to the next level.
Transcribe Your Own Songs / Tunes.
If you are a songwriter with many songs you have never written down, then you should! There are many reasons why. During rehearsals, you can hand out a lead sheet of your songs to your band members. This will allow musicians to learn how to play music through AI. Additionally, by writing down the melody, you will enable the musicians in the band to make up a part around the theme, refer to it in a different melodic line, come up with an excellent harmony, or relate to it rhythmically. Transcribing your music will allow you to review your composition visually, which could spark changes to parts of the design that never really fit well. There are so many good reasons I could go on forever!
Transcribe Other Musicians Songs.
Music writing is called composing for a good reason - there's a lot new under the sun. The wonderful thing about being a musician is combining many musical elements and adding them to your vocabulary. It's similar to cooking if you think about it! One of the best ways to broaden your musical vocabulary is to listen to your favorite song and figure out what is happening there harmony-wise OR melody-wise. You will find every artist has their own signature sound. You can have some references in your music - but only partially copy! For fun, here is a practical example: The Beatles have a signature ending of bVIM, bVIIM, and I (for playing purposes, Ab Bb C). You know it's the Beatles because they used a widespread sequence. However, you might hear it in other songs. For example, Juan Luis Guerra features it in his music Solo tengo ojos para ti. You can hear that the musical signature adds something exciting, rather than finishing the song more familiarly. 
Lastly, if you are a musician seeking better technique and sound, transcribing solos is one of the most beneficial ways to practice these areas. Reading written material is very important, but there is so much beyond the written world - sound, intonation, articulation, and feel. Many people forget to pay attention to these elements when writing themselves, but when transcribing a solo, you are forced to look at every note with a magnifying glass. You will discover the pitch, rhythmic value, and intention behind the notes! 
What are you waiting for? It's time to transcribe! Do you want to know which songs you should transcribe to reach your goals? Need help with transcribing? Sign Up with Wavel AI.