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Video Resizer

You can use our convenient video resize tool to effortlessly adjust the dimensions of your videos. Simply upload your video files by dragging and dropping them into the platform.


Video Resizer

Click ‘Settings’ in our online video resizer, then choose the size that you need. Crop your video to make sure it fits perfectly inside the frame’s dimensions.


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And that’s it! You can download your new resized, cropped video content using our online video resizer.

Why Wavel Is The Best Video Resizer Tool For Your Needs

Effortlessly Resize Your Videos with Quality Results

The Best Video Resizer Online Tool is extremely user-friendly and doesn't demand any specific technical skills to operate. It offers a quick and easy way for anyone to resize videos. Being an online tool, the Best Video Resizer is accessible from anywhere and at any time. It eliminates the need for installation and can be utilized on any device with an internet connection.

Video Resizer
Video Resizer

Social Media Presets

There are pre-configured presets for all potential post and ad types on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn with our Online Video Resize feature.

Video Resizer

Custom Video Resizing

If you desire precise width and height for your video, you can manually input the values, irrespective of the aspect ratio. Alternatively, select the aspect ratio, input the video width, and our Online Video Resizer tool will automatically set the video height.

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Crop Options

You have the option to fit the entire video into the selected frame, with the ability to change the background color. Alternatively, you can fill the frame completely, ensuring there's no blank space.

Video Resizer

Make Vertical Video Horizontal

With Wavel's online video resize feature, you can easily transform a vertical video into a horizontal one or vice versa, and even add a background blur effect. Simply select the appropriate preset, click on the "paint bucket" icon, and choose the Blur option to achieve the desired result.

Video Resizer

Video Conversion

If you opt for a social media preset, you can seamlessly adapt your video to the supported formats of the chosen social media platform. Alternatively, if you enter custom values, you gain access to a diverse selection of over 20 formats to suit your specific needs.

Video Resizer

Complete Privacy

Your privacy is our priority, and to ensure it, your files are safeguarded with an SSL certificate on our website. Throughout the process, only you have access to them, maintaining the utmost confidentiality.

Ready To Resize Your Video?

It's impressive that Wavel enables users to resize and adjust the resolution of their videos without sacrificing quality. Preserving the original video quality is paramount, particularly for high-quality or professional content. Wavel's capability to resize and alter resolution while maintaining quality is a notable advantage for video editors and content creators. Furthermore, the user-friendly nature of Wavel's app is a valuable asset, especially for individuals seeking to edit videos without specialized skills. This accessibility allows users to edit videos at home independently, eliminating the need for expensive editing teams—an advantageous feature for content creators.

Video Resizer
Video Resizer

It's excellent to learn that your video editing tools provide users with the capability to effortlessly resize their videos for diverse social media platforms with just a few clicks. Video resizing is paramount, particularly in the context of social media, where distinct platforms impose varying requirements on video dimensions. Your tools empower users to promptly and easily adapt their video dimensions to align with the specific prerequisites of each social media platform they intend to share their content on. This not only saves users time and effort but also ensures that their content maintains a professional and high-quality appearance. Additionally, having a dedicated video resizer for TikTok adds a valuable feature to cater to the specific needs of this popular platform.

Wavel goes beyond simple video resizing, offering an array of advanced video editing features. Users can leverage powerful tools to crop out undesired sections, cut or trim segments, and seamlessly merge multiple video clips. The user-friendly timeline adds to the appeal, ensuring accessibility for all, irrespective of technical expertise. This comprehensive tool not only facilitates a more streamlined video editing process but also enhances efficiency, catering to the diverse needs of users. Wavel truly stands out as an online video resizing and editing solution with a range of dynamic features.

Video Resizer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I resize a custom video?

To video resize to custom dimensions with Wavel, first upload your video by clicking the "Upload Video" button. This allows you to select a video file from your local device storage. Once uploaded, you can click the "Settings" option to input the exact height and width dimensions you want in pixels. For example, if you need the video to be 1920x1080 pixels, enter those values. Then click "Resize" and the video will be scaled to fit the custom frame size while maintaining aspect ratio. You can download the resized video file for use across various projects and platforms.

How to change the resolution of video?

Resizing a video refers to changing its pixel dimensions or physical size, whereas resolution is separate and refers to the amount of pixels in an image or video frame. Resolution is measured in pixels per inch (PPI) or pixels per cm. When you change the resolution, you're altering the number of pixels but keeping the physical size constant. Resizing changes the physical dimensions. For example, reducing height and width pixels from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 changes resolution, but keeping height/width pixels the same while decreasing physical size changes resizing. With Wavel, you can customize resolution and size simultaneously.

Does resizing affect resolution?

Modifying pixel dimensions alters the physical size without impacting resolution. Adjusting resolution impacts pixel dimensions while maintaining the physical size. Altering the physical size influences pixel dimensions without affecting resolution.

How to resize a video online ?

With Wavel, resizing videos online is simple and can be done in just 3 steps: 1. Upload your video by choosing the "Upload Video" button and selecting the file from your device or cloud storage. 2. Once loaded, you can either choose from preset common platform sizes like Facebook, YouTube, etc. or click "Settings" to enter custom height and width pixel dimensions. After adjusting the size, hit "Resize" and your video will be scaled maintaining quality. You can then download the resized file for use across any project, platform or device. The tool ensures high resolution is retained through AI upscaling technology.

Why can’t I resize my video?

There are some file size and length limitations when using Wavel's free video resizing tool. Videos cannot exceed 1 hour in total runtime length. The maximum upload file size also cannot be more than 3GB. If your video is too long or large, it likely won't be possible to resize. You may also encounter issues if the format of your video file is not supported. Make sure to only upload common formats like MP4, MOV, AVI and WMV. If still facing problems, try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page. The tool supports massive processing so chances are resetting may fix glitches.