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Adding Voiceover to your video

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Add VoiceOver to your video in over 20+ languages in the voice of your choice with Wavel!

Did you know? Money Heist was initially released in Spanish under the name of "La Casa De Papel" and had 2 million viewers. Post adding voiceover in English, it reached a viewership of 34 million in a week. Now that you have research to prove the impact of Voiceover in multiple languages, what are you waiting for? Pick from a range of languages and voices and increase your viewership exponentially!

How to put Voiceover to your Video Content

 Choose a Video File

Choose a Video File

Click on ‘Choose Video’ to add a video file. Alternatively, attach your file link

 Select Target Language

Select Target Language

" Choose Language" to process editing and transcripting your videos

 Select Target Language

Export & Share

Export and Share transcription files in multiple file formats.

Benefits of Voiceover to Video

Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wavel AI Voiceover to Video?

Wavel AI Voiceover to Video is an advanced technology that adds natural and impactful voiceovers to videos using artificial intelligence.

How does Wavel AI make voiceovers sound realistic?

Wavel AI achieves realistic voiceovers by training its algorithms on extensive audio data, learning the nuances of human speech and mimicking human-like qualities.

Can Wavel AI Voiceover to Video be used in specific industries or niches?

Yes, Wavel AI Voiceover to Video can be used across various industries and niches, catering to specific requirements and customization options.

Is the Wavel AI Voiceover to Video platform user-friendly?

Yes, the Wavel AI Voiceover to Video platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing easy uploading, voice selection, customization, and synchronization.

How does Wavel AI Voiceover to Video benefit brands and content creators?

Wavel AI Voiceover to Video saves time and resources, adds professionalism and impact to videos, and enables multilingual voiceovers, expanding brand reach and audience connection.