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Compress Video Online

Effortlessly compress video files without any compromise in quality! Wavel AI accommodates various formats such as MP4, MOV, and more. It seamlessly handles all file types, including GIFs, YouTube videos, MKVs, and Facebook videos. User-friendly and super simple – Give it a try now for efficient video file compression!

Video Compressor

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How to Efficiently Compress Videos Online

Effortlessly Compress Video in Three Simple Steps for High-Quality Results!

Upload File

Video Compressor

Choose Your Video File: Easily drag and drop your file or pick it from your computer or other devices to reduce video size online.

Video Compression

Video Compressor

Select Your Compression Settings: Tailor your preferences or let Wavel handle it for you. Our system automatically determines the optimal quality-to-file-size ratio for your compressed video.

Export File

Video Compressor

Download and Share: Once compressed, easily share your video with friends and followers. Email it, post on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other video-sharing platform of your choice!

Why Is Wavel Best For Online Video Compression?

Unlock Advanced Video Compression Services Tailored for Content Creators

Say goodbye to the challenges of uploading and sharing hefty video files online with our AI video compressor tool. Shrink video size seamlessly, preserving quality, and effortlessly share even on slower internet connections. Our video size reducer tool employs AI to compress videos, ensuring SEO-friendly optimization for broader reach. Give it a try now and elevate your content creation experience!

Video Compressor
Video Compressor

Fast Compression

Wavel Studio takes care of it all for you; simply upload your file, and it will configure the optimal parameters to compress its size while preserving quality to the fullest.

Video Compressor

Secure Encryption

You retain exclusive access to your files, as all communications occur through designated channels.

Video Compressor

Check Preview

You can preview your compressed video file before saving it back to your device.

Video Compressor

Online Tool

The video compressor operates entirely online, eliminating the need to download or install anything on your device.

Video Compressor

Simple Interface

Don't worry; the tool is intuitive, and there's no need to read a manual to use it!

Video Compressor

Supports Any Format

Wavel Studio is compatible with a variety of popular formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, and even rare ones.

Ready To Compress Your Video?

In just a few seconds, you can efficiently compress your videos to a size suitable for Email transmission. Simply upload your file, adjust the slider to ensure it falls within the maximum size limit for your email client (typically 20MB - 25MB), and click 'Save'. Now, your video is ready to be sent and shared via Email—attach it as a standard attachment or effortlessly drag and drop it into your email message. Beyond Email, our online Video compression tool contributes to enhancing website and video hosting platform performance. By reducing video load and streaming times, it ensures a smoother user experience. employs advanced algorithms to compress videos, maintaining quality and delivering smaller file sizes without compromising the visual appeal of your content.

Video Compressor
Video Compressor

Easily create videos compatible with iMovie, VLC, Quicktime, and various other software by compressing your videos on a Macbook Air, Windows 10, iPad, or any mobile device. Wavel stands out as the top online video compression software, providing a user-friendly experience. It accommodates all file formats, including GIFs, YouTube videos, MKVs, Facebook videos, WEBM files, MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. Compressing videos with Wavel ensures compatibility across a broader range of devices and platforms. Smaller file sizes make uploading, downloading, and playing videos more convenient. supports an extensive array of video file formats, allowing you to compress videos seamlessly, regardless of the camera or software you use.

Wavel Studio, an AI-driven video compression tool, empowers you to compress videos without compromising quality. Follow these steps to efficiently compress your video for email using Wavel Studio: Visit the Wavel Studio website and register for an account. Upload the video you intend to compress onto the Wavel Studio platform. Select compression settings tailored to your preferences, including resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. Allow the AI-powered compression process to finalize. Wavel Studio utilizes advanced AI technology to compress video while preserving its original quality.

Video Compressor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video compressor tool?

A video compressor tool is a software program or online service that is used to reduce the size of digital video files while still maintaining their quality as much as possible. Video files can often be very large in size, making them difficult to store, share, and transfer. A video compressor works by compressing and removing unnecessary data from the video file without compromising the visual quality of the video. This compression reduces the overall file size. Some common techniques used by video compressors include reducing the video resolution, frame rate, bitrate and removing unused audio channels. Some of the most popular video compressor tools are Wavel Studio, HandBrake, Adobe Premiere Pro, and VLC Media Player. They allow users to compress video files in various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV and more.

Is it necessary to have the technical knowledge to use a video compressor tool?

While having some technical knowledge of video compression and file formats can be useful, it is generally not necessary to have extensive technical expertise to use most basic video compressor tools. Many video compressor tools especially online video compressors have very intuitive and simple graphical user interfaces that allow users to compress videos with just a few clicks. Users only need to select the video file they want to compress by dragging and dropping it or selecting it. Then they can usually adjust a few basic settings like desired file size or target quality. The compressor tool takes care of the technical compression process in the background. beginner friendly tools clearly display progress status and give users control over outputs without requiring deep technical knowledge.

What types of video formats are supported by video compressor tools?

Video compressor tools support a wide variety of different video file formats to accommodate the many types of videos that users may want to compress. Supporting multiple formats is important as videos can be recorded or created using different cameras, software and encoding settings which use different formats. While support can vary between tools, in general most compressor programs support the most common formats. Some of the most widely supported formats include MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, WebM and GIF formats.

Can I compress the video for Email?

Yes, compressing videos is necessary if you want to email video files as email services generally have size limits for attachments. The standard attachment size limit for most email providers is around 20-25MB. If your original video file is larger than this, it will not be possible to send it as an email attachment without compression. When compressing a video for email, you should upload the video file to the compressor tool and adjust the compression settings, usually via a slider, until the compressed file size drops below the email attachment limit of your email provider. Most video compressor tools make this process straightforward by allowing you to see the compressed file size update in real-time as you adjust the settings. Once the file is small enough, you can then compress it and attach the compressed video file to your email.

Can Wavel Studio Compressor change the video format to other social media platforms?

Yes, Wavel Studio allows you to change and customize the video format while compressing to ensure it is optimized for sharing on various social media platforms. After uploading your video, you can go to the settings section and select the appropriate video format size from a dropdown menu of presets optimized for different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. These predefined presets will automatically adjust the resolution, orientation, aspect ratio and file format of your original video to match the formats and dimensions supported by each social site. This makes it very convenient to generate multiple compressed versions of your video optimized for various platforms with just a few clicks.