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Wavel Studio makes transcribing audio and video files as fast, painless, and secure as possible. There are no complicated workflows, no human intervention, and no tricks. Just fast, secure, automated Transcription that you can depend on.

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Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) powered by deep learning neural networking to power your applications like voice search or speech transcription.

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Global Vocabulary

Wavel Studio leverages massive data sets to recognize and process more than 35 languages as well as different dialects and variants.

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Multi-Channel Recognition

In recordings where each participant is recorded in a separate channel or track, Wavel Studio will recognize each channel separately and then combine each recording into one transcript.

The Fastest Automatic Transcription Software Online

With the help of Wavel Studio, you may quickly and easily have your internet audio and video files automatically transcribed. There is no need to manually type in Microsoft Word and transcribe. Wavel Studio can transcribe interviews, meeting minutes, podcasts, or any other video or audio information with just one click.

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What Characterizes a Good Service for AI Speech Transcription?

When selecting a transcribing service, the mistake rate is an important consideration. Human Transcription is the best option if obtaining an accurate transcript is your top goal and time and money are not constraints.
However, before choosing whether to employ AI or human service and which transcription provider to use, you must consider these issues.
Each AI speech-to-text engine is unique. They have been taught using various word sets and audio formats and have been programmed differently. When a word is said, the AI must identify what it is and isn't. Speaker identification plays a small but important role in automated speech recognition (ASR). This stops it from "glueing together" phrases or fragments from many speakers.
Complicated audio with background noise, strong accents, and multiple speakers is a bigger problem for AI than for a human transcriptionist. Nonetheless, Wavel Studio still managed to obtain an accuracy of 86% when tested on 30 podcast recordings. Due to this, Wavel Studio is more precise than all the top rivals.
Sometimes, expediency trumps precision. AI will always be quicker than human Transcription when you need that transcript immediately.
With Wavel Studio's AI transcription service, you may upload audio and receive a text file in five minutes. Once your file has been uploaded, you will get an ETA.


 Working with transcripts is made more accessible by functional, flexible transcription capabilities. Your converted transcript is provided by Wavel Studio in the file format of your choice. Nevertheless, we include it in our platform for altering transcripts synchronized with your original audio or video. This makes it simple to skim over your material, add edits, underline significant portions, or remove unnecessary quotes. To hear it again, simply click on a section of the transcript. Moreover, Wavel Studio provides search capabilities across all of your saved transcripts. It's simple to navigate back to the precise word you require. Moreover, Wavel Studio provides multi-user access and sharing capabilities so that others can update the work and maintain consensus. 

Access to API 

You may accomplish more and save time using an API to access an AI transcription service. Your website, app, or business software can incorporate automatic voice recognition utilizing an API. Rev is thrilled to introduce developers to our top-notch speech-to-text API. Rev's speaker diarization for English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German audio is more affordable, precise, and advanced than Google's voice recognition API. 

The Accuracy Of Automated AI Transcription Software With Wavel Studio 

Wavel Studio has been independently reviewed as the most accurate automated transcription service. The word error rate is the typical metric for assessing accuracy, but features like the Wavel Studio Custom Dictionary enable customers to create custom vocabularies and increase accuracy. We frequently test across all languages to get consistently lower across all media types. Our testing demonstrates the lowest were compared to some of the most prominent players on the market. Indeed, accuracy is one of the top metrics for identifying the best automatic transcription software. Indeed, many free transcription tools need more high-quality results. At most, you'd need to spend added time and effort to tweak these transcripts to bring them up to acceptable accuracy because even a mistranslated or misheard word can be disastrous. In a court case, for example, a wrong transcription of testimony can get a person wrongfully convicted or freed. In scientific applications, it can lead to erroneous conclusions. But even in the context of business, even slightly inaccurate transcriptions will reflect poorly on your business. At worst, mistranslating another language might offend some of your clients.