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Wavel Studio is the best tool for business owners looking for a transcription tool. It lets you automatically transcribe your audio and video recordings online! There is no need to download apps, manually transcribe, or worry about your typing speed.

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Grabbing Eyeballs:

Transcribing a video or audio into text allows the business to add SEO-friendly keywords to the transcript, boosting brand visibility. Thus, it helps the brand build a formidable digital presence.

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Global Reach:

Global Reach: When a video or audio is transcribed and shared in multiple languages, it becomes easier for the business to attract an audience from various geographies. In addition, transcripts can also be understood by the hearing-impaired audience.

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Record, Edit, And Share - In One Tool:

Wavel Studio features a complete video creation and editing tool suite. You can use our webcam recorder to capture your interviews, meetings, and video tutorials—then quickly transcribe them.

Online AI-Powered Transcription Tool For Business

Wavel Studio is the best AI-powered tool to do all your TranscriptionTranscription for audio or video recordings online. You don't need to install the software. Use it for your meetings, interviews, or any video or audio content to transcribe. Record, upload, and transcribe your content online, all in one place. Access all your projects in one spot!

How to Transcribe Audio/Video:

Get Accurate Transcripts In One Click
Our transcription software is designed to simplify transcribing audio or video files into text format. Whether you are conducting interviews, meetings, or creating content, our software can provide accurate and reliable transcriptions in minutes.
The process is simple and effortless. You only need to record or upload your media files and utilize our automated transcription feature. The software will quickly and accurately transcribe your media files into text format. Unlike other time-consuming methods, our software requires minimal text editing, saving time and effort.
Our software utilizes the latest speech recognition technology, which enables it to accurately transcribe spoken words and phrases into text format. The software can handle different accents, dialects, and background noises, ensuring your transcripts are accurate and reliable.
Once the Transcription is complete, you can easily download a copy of the text in various file formats. Whether you prefer a Word document, PDF, or another form, our software can provide high-quality Transcription that meets your needs.
In conclusion, our transcription software is designed to provide accurate, reliable, and fast transcriptions in just one click. Whether you are a journalist, researcher, or content creator, our software can help you save time and effort by transcribing your media files into text format. Try it out and Sign Up today and experience the convenience of our Wavel Studio transcription software.


How can Wavel Studio be the Best Choice for Business Transcription?

Professional transcription services provide businesses numerous benefits, including cost reduction, improved employee productivity, better quality assurance, reliability, and access to subject-matter experts. Companies can save costs by outsourcing transcription services to professionals, as they are trained to transcribe accurately and efficiently. This allows employees to focus and concentrate on their core responsibilities and improve their productivity. Professional transcriptionists are also skilled in adhering to strict quality standards, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining the authenticity of the content. Additionally, businesses can benefit from the expertise of subject-matter experts, who can provide accurate transcriptions of specialized content. Professional transcription services can help companies to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.


The creation of follow-up activities on the CRM system is just one example of a tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming job that can be automated by some AI transcription software solutions.

Precision and Speed

Manual TranscriptionTranscription of lectures, phone conversations, podcasts, and interviews can be laborious and time-consuming. Yet, you may quickly and adequately record and examine hours-long meetings with AI transcription software.

Time Stamping

Moreover, timestamps are included in AI transcription software to analyze the order of events. It can distinguish between different speakers, let users annotate transcriptions, and extract soundbites from large audio files that contain crucial passages.


Software programs for automated transcribing are less expensive than services for manual TranscriptionTranscription. With, several AI transcription software providers provide a freemium option. In this approach, the product's functionalities can be used without charge by anyone. Despite a monthly or annual subscription cost,  Wavel Studio's robust capabilities are still less expensive than transcribing tools.


The systems and software used by your business can be integrated with AI transcription software. With such connectors, you can, for instance, transfer meeting notes to your CRM or other project management applications automatically. It helps you be more productive, saves time, and makes effective follow-ups much easier.

Reliability of AI Transcription

The typical Word Error Rate for word-to-text is far from 100%, but when combined with people, it can provide results faster and nearly perfect accuracy. Microsoft had an accuracy of 78%, and Google had an accuracy of 79%, according to a 2020 benchmark assessment.

However, some companies provide highly accurate transcripts. For instance, Wavel Studio has an accuracy of 90%, implying that in 100 words of transcribed text, there will be 10 incorrectly transcribed words.
Transcription accuracy can be improved by pre-feeding AI systems with specific, custom vocabulary you often use during conversations. These could be phrases, acronyms, or terms used in your industry.