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Wavel's extensive library of 250+ AI voices in 20+ languages, all with varied tonalities and emotions, may help you tell your narrative or express your thoughts.

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Multiple Voices and Characters

Give several characters in your distinct story voices to keep your listeners interested in your podcast.

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Not being able to record your own voice?

No issue; a Wavel voice can now narrate your tale. Choose the exact voice for your narration from Wavel's vast collection of hyper-realistic AI voices.

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Use Wavel's Voice Changer to upload your voiceover recording, change your script, and turn it into an AI voice. Yes, it is that easy!

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With Wavel, creating a podcast is a simple process. Choose the voice of your choice from Wavel's extensive library of AI voices for men and women in various accents. Utilize modification options like emphasis, pronunciation, and pitch to give your narrative some elegance. In accordance with the needs of your podcast, you can also incorporate music and sound effects.

Three easy methods to creating a voiceover for a podcast

Vocalizations for podcasts

There is an increase in podcasts. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd of content producers, it's critical to produce podcasts that capture listeners' attention. Podcasts require more compelling content than videos and written articles to keep listeners interested. AI voiceovers come into play in this situation. They save the time needed to create a podcast from the beginning, edit it, fine-tune it, and more. They also do away with the need to spend money on high-quality recording equipment, mixing, and editing programmes.

Selecting the ideal voice over talent for your podcast

Regardless of the podcast's genre, you need a polished voice that makes the listener feel confident in the podcaster's authority while being warm and relatable. The voiceover's tone is crucial in accurately communicating what the speaker intends to say because it can tell the listener a thousand different things. Therefore, how you use it will impact everything from how others see you personally to how sincere your message is.

Speaking with a lower pitch will assist the audience in feeling more secure in the podcaster's credibility, for instance, if the podcast is journalistic. It's important to sound as human and relatable as you can when narrating a narrative. You can also use various AI voices to express multiple characters throughout the podcast.

Critical characteristics of Wavel for Podcasts 


Wavel's pronunciation function allows you to select a word's pronunciation using a variant spelling or a specific phoneme. Your narration will sound more elegant as a result.


In Wavel, you can emphasize specific words using the "Emphasis" function. This will give your storytelling a more intriguing twist.


Continuous, low-frequency noises are seen as cosy and welcoming when it comes to podcasts. You can modify the tone of your voiceover and your audio by adjusting the pitch with Wavel's "Pitch" option.


You may add pauses of various lengths to your script using the "Pause" button to give your listeners a more engaging experience.

Soundtrack and musical

Your podcast's start introduces your show and you as the host. Therefore, aligning the voice and music in the opening and outro with the podcast's subject matter is crucial.

For instance, you don't want a gruff, deep voice and heavy metal music in your opener if your podcast is all about a peaceful life.

Users can directly add music from Wavel's extensive library of free music to their podcast. You can access the collection of music and ambient sounds by selecting the "gallery" option in the Studio's "Audio/Music" section. Additionally, you can import audio recordings from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites or upload your audio files.

Several Voices

Wavel allows you to combine different AI voices into a single audio file. To see your options and hear samples, click on the text block for which you'd like a different voice, then click the name of the agent over under the Voices tab. Pick the ones that best match the topic of your show.

Anyone can make a podcast. Even though there are currently more than 750,000 podcasts available, there is always room for one more. Use Wavel's text-to-speech Studio to spread the word about your tale! Create a voiceover for your podcast that sounds professional without spending money on pricey equipment, a studio, or a quiet space.