Medical Transcription For Patients and Doctors

Powered by the latest artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Wavel Studio Medical Transcription accurately converts audio and video to text in minutes. It's critical that conversations between healthcare providers and patients are accurately documented.

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Save Time And Money

Clinicians spend six hours daily writing notes and entering information into EHR systems. Six hours a day! This creates undue stress and distracts physicians from providing optimal patient care. They are the foundation of an optimal diagnosis and a successful treatment plan.

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Medical Note-Taking Has Never Been Easier

Wavel Studio Medical Transcription works with virtually any device that has a microphone. With a streaming API, you can integrate into almost any voice-enabled application. Recorded speech, on the other hand, is easier to search through and analyze.

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Voice-Enable Any Application

Wavel Studio Medical Transcription is a fully managed service. That means there is no provisioning required and no management of servers necessary. Simply create a call to the Wavel Studio API, and we'll pass an audio/video stream over a secure platform.

Transcribe Physician-Patient Conversations

With Wavel Medical Transcription, you can use comprehensive medical dictionaries to transcribe medical terminologies such as medical names, procedures, and even certain diseases. It is designed for domains and specialty care areas like oncology, pediatrics, cardiology, radiology, neurology, obstetrics-gynecology, and urology.

Quick Transcription In Easy Steps

Medical Transcription Using AI

Recent artificial intelligence and natural language processing developments have created a new industry for AI-powered scribes solving clinical documentation challenges. AI medical transcribing uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to listen to honest patient-physician conversations, sort out the medically necessary information, and compress that information into compliant notes that map back to the relevant fields of an EHR.
In contrast to traditional dictation and transcribing technology, Wavel goes beyond verbatim summary and accomplishes so for a price substantially less than that of medical scribes. As a result, medical writers powered by AI provide the knowledge and caliber of a human medical scribe at a cost and scale similar to a dictation service.

Improved Accuracy
Unlike its technological predecessors, AI-powered transcription software learns from its mistakes. Any corrections a clinician makes to a note provide feedback to the algorithm and improve future documentation accuracy. As the software knows the patterns of a doctor's speech and vocabulary, fewer and fewer corrections are necessary.

Better Patient Outcomes
AI medical transcription empowers clinicians to turn away from their computers, put down their phones, and have a natural conversation with their patients. With this increase in patient interaction come drastic improvements to health outcomes, including greater patient participation, preventative health, and higher immunization rates.

Ensuring Digital Medical Transcription Safety

Medical transcription involves managing personal, sensitive and confidential information. Securing patient information is of the utmost importance. Organizations must verify that their digital transcription providers are HIPAA compliant and leverage advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect this information.
Accurate transcription is also critical for patient safety. A computer might detect many similar medical terms but have different meanings and diagnoses. It's crucial that one's chosen technology provider guarantees a high level of accuracy when transcribing patient files and medical history records to prevent misdiagnosis. Accurate documentation can also be critical for investigations, such as malpractice lawsuits.
With cutting-edge technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence, providers' goods can perform better over time. For instance, automatic sound recognition (ASR) can recognize various voices even when they sound similar, and as it is used more, the system becomes more adept at doing so.
In fact, both technological and medicinal treatments still benefit from human contact. Because of this conviction, businesses like Wavel AI also invest in human intelligence, sending experts to examine transcriptions and fix them as necessary. This human element contributes to the continued accuracy and training of the software.
When implemented by the right provider, this mixture of artificial and human intelligence can empower the medical community to work more efficiently and create unparalleled opportunities for engagement between doctors and their patients.

Benefits of Medical AI Transcription Using Wavel Studio 

Maintaining patient records, the biggest and even the smallest details is critical in setting the foundation for the highest quality of medical care, including diagnoses, treatment, and well-being. That's where medical transcription comes into the picture.
For starters, gauging the significance of transcription in the healthcare industry requires an in-depth understanding of what medical transcription is. Simply put medical transcription mainly involves documenting patient-physician interactions during hospital visits. The procedure begins with the physician examining the patient, writing all physical ailments and diagnoses, making medical recommendations, and creating the treatment plan launched. 
In general, Wavel AI's  solution offers the following benefits:
1. High-Quality Transcription With Speech-Recognition Support
Wavel Studio's solution and world-class speech recognition technology deliver high-quality transcription services to record patient visit information. Spend more time with patients with fast and complete clinical transcription. Our solution intelligently extracts and summarizes relevant and actionable medical information.
2. 95%+ Accuracy With Best-In-Class Voice Recognition Technology
Our out-of-the-box solution uses medical dictation and conversation models to deliver more than 95% accuracy in transcribing patient visit information.
3. Flexible Integrations With Multiple Apps
Wavel Studio's solution integrates with many popular apps, such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Or, use your smartphone to record and transcribe.
4. Telemedicine Made Easy With Audio/Video Transcription
In the post-covid world, many hospitals offer offline consultations through A/V tools. Use those outputs to transcribe and record the conversations.
5. Generate New Insights From Transcribed Data
Use Vertex AI and AutoML to apply machine learning algorithms to discover new intelligence from transcribed data. Our solution integrates with EHR apps, analyzes patient and other medical information end-to-end, and generates valuable insights from thousands of records to predict future outcomes.
6. Custom Workflows Support Easy Edits
Use workflows customized to your hospital to review and edit the transcribed text before saving it. Convert your transcribers into text editors.
7. Lower Total Cost Of Ownership
Use workflows customized to your hospital to review and edit the transcribed text before saving it. Convert your transcribers into text editors.