Record And Transcribe Academic Lectures and Interviews

Students and education professionals can use Wavel Studio to record lectures, interviews, lessons, and more. Get accurate transcriptions for your lecture recordings. Register from your device, upload to Wavel Studio, and download your transcript.

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Wavel Is Your Own Professional Online Transcriber

No need to pay expensive professional transcription services to transcribe your academic lectures. You also don't have to download any software or plugin. Wavel Studio is a browser-based transcription and video-editing software.

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Easy, Fast, And Accurate!

Wavel Studio's lecture transcription tool is designed for speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Simply record your lecture, interview, or lessons and convert them into text using our automated transcription tool.

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Transcription For Academic Podcasts

For lectures, interviews, and instructional podcasts, transcripts are acceptable. This will make it smooth for you to remember what was stated in your podcast and create a keyword or topic that users and listeners can search under!

Software for Online Lecture Transcription

It's the most straightforward method for turning your lectures into text. Even better, you can have your transcript translated into many languages. You don't need to utilize a third-party programme or pay for manual transcription services; you can edit your video using our in-built editor once you're through. You can download a TXT version of your transcription.

How To Transcribe Lectures Automatically:

Why Transcribing Audio To Text

There are many different applications for converting your recordings to text. Here we tried to summarize the most popular reasons for audio transcription.
Record your discussions and consultations when performing qualitative research by transcribing the interviews. The best approach to make your study more widely available is to transcribe all of your recordings. You may easily navigate all the material by creating searchable text documents from interview transcripts. Our academic transcribing services are prompt, accurate, and reasonably priced.
Convert a video to subtitles. The voice from the audio must be recorded in a text file and afterwards synchronized with the video to manually add subtitles. Utilizing audio to text converter will work and expedite the subtitle creation process. But Wavel Studio has a unique tool for automatically creating subtitles from video files; meet our subtitle generator.
This tool lets video editors and content creators add subtitles to their videos in a snap. No more manually transcribing your audio files. Generate your subtitles automatically and burn them into your video in minutes. Just plug and play!
Transcribe the audio from class lectures - Audio transcription is the perfect tool for students trying to record their lessons. Transcribing academic speeches is ideal for reviewing your class notes and preparing for any upcoming exam. We offer 25% discounts for students seeking to transcribe audio files.

How Can You Learn More by Transcribing and Recording Your Lecture?

You can raise your grades in several ways by converting lectures to text. It will make it easier for you to follow the lecture material. You may always refer to the transcript if you need assistance comprehending your professor's words or omit a critical point.
You'll have a record in writing to look at later. This is especially helpful if you need help understanding verbal instructions. Your understanding of the lecture topic may improve due to the more flexible access to information.
A lecture transcript will be helpful if you have a short attention span. An adult's attention span ranges from 15 to 20 minutes on average.
You can take better notes if you learn how to transcript lectures. You can complete any gaps in your messages with the help of verbatim transcripts of the talks. This is an excellent approach to reviewing challenging ideas or catching up on lectures you might have missed.
Also improving your learning accessibility are lecture transcripts. Transcripts can help students who have hearing impairments follow along with lectures. Although you can build your own, some instructors will make their lecture transcripts available to students.

Why use Wavel Studio for Lecture Text Transcription? 

Wavel Studio outperformed every other software on this list by a considerable margin, partly because of the exceptional balance between free and premium content that it achieves. While having fewer transcription possibilities than other providers, the app more than makes up for this with its abundance of features.
Wavel Studio, which offers 600 minutes of usage each month for free, is the most generous free allotment of any of the apps on this list. Wavel Studio is the ideal companion software for students and professionals because it offers 10 hours of free usage every 30 days, even though unused minutes only carry over to the following month.

The fact that Wavel Studio offers the most features of any programme on this list is in addition to this. They consist of calendar integration, recording import from outside the app for transcription, native dark mode support for easier night viewing, and more.

Using its "Record voiceprint" feature, the programme may be more versatile by teaching Wavel Studio to recognize your voice for more accurate transcriptions. As Wavel Studio only uses AI to convert speech to text, unlike other applications like TranscribeMe, this capability is crucial for the app. Nevertheless, the service delivered excellent results, earning an impressive 99% on standard and heavy accents tests.

For added accessibility, In Wavel Studio, you can start a voice recording or run a quick search without opening the app thanks to complete 3D Touch compatibility. Also, because Siri is fully integrated, you can start recording hands-free using Siri; however, Google Assistant on Android does not offer this feature.

Wavel Studio is the perfect programme for professionals and students that need to swiftly record and transcribe because of its user-friendly and feature-rich Interface, which entirely outweighs its minor drawbacks. Therefore Wavel Studio should be at the top of your list if you're looking for software that accurately converts speeches and audio notes to text.