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Create a Symphony of Voices for Explainer Videos

We recognise how difficult it can be to find the proper voice for your explainer video despite having a script ready. Wavel provides the ideal solution for you, so stop worrying. Pick a voice from Wavel's vast selection that properly suits your video.

3 easy steps for creating voice overs for explainer videos

Explainer video narration

Voiceover creation for explainer videos may be difficult and expensive. They are, nonetheless, essential for marketing and advertising. Wavel is "the" answer to any problem you encounter when converting your text to speech. It might be expensive to hire a voice actor, and it cannot be easy to record it yourself. Wavel offers more than 250+ voices with various attributes that can exactly suit the requirement and the audience's demographic for your explainer film to address this issue. Making voiceovers for explainer videos has always been more complex!

Making the best voiceover selections for your explainer video

While selecting your video, voiceover is crucial. Therefore, picking the appropriate voice becomes vital. Choose the ideal voice with the proper tone, gender, and age because your explainer film can appeal to any group.

For instance, if you're selling beard oil, go with a young male voice with an attractive, light tone. The aspirational voice of an older woman might not be appropriate for such a video. Similarly to that, Murf offers a sizable voice bank for each explainer video you decide to create. You can pick a young adult with an engaging voice for a whiteboard animation video. You can choose a lively, enjoyable voice for a motion graphic or animation video.

Therefore, access to the appropriate voice is crucial to communicate your message to the intended audience effectively.

Wavel's primary benefits for explainer videos

The numerous text-to-voice options that Wavel provides serve as the icing for your explainer video's already perfect cake. Let's have a look at them:

Several Voices

You must have learned by now how crucial finding the ideal voice for your explainer film is. The importance of considering the potential for a conversational voiceover or a voiceover with numerous representatives cannot be overstated. Wavel's multiple voices features may translate text into speech in as many different voices as you choose. Select the text block you want to alter the voice for, listen to voice samples, and select the one that best fits your content.


Pronunciation can offer you the advantage you need to get an extra thousand views for your explainer video. You can choose your accent using Wavel's tool to make your audience feel more at ease. Click the "Pronunciation" button in the top menu, enable advanced settings, and use the "Phoneme" toggle. You can now type your pronunciations using various phonemes or spellings. So simple!


If you focus on some words more than others, your story can become topsy-turvy. And you require that to create a compelling explainer video. Do you not? With Wavel's emphasis tool, you can emphasize specific terms that will help your explainer video stand out.


When writing a voiceover for an explainer video, using a variety of tones will assist you in keeping your audience's attention. A Wavel function called Pitch enables you to adjust your voiceover's style to the demands of your script.


During the voiceover, you can break up your speech by using pauses. It's essential to take the appropriate breaks when narrating a story to keep your audience interested and involved. You can give voiceover pauses of various durations using Wavel's "Pause" button.


The pacing seems significant when turning the text into speech for your explainer video. The voiceover's pace varies depending on the nature of your video. You can change your narration speed using Wavel's "Speed" option.

Audio tracks and music

Music and the soundtrack serve as the final dash of salad spice. Your voiceover gains appropriate finesse from the music. It enables you to interact more with your audiences. You can quickly upload a variety of royalty-free music libraries to your voiceover using Wavel. Additionally, if you want a specific soundtrack, you can import it from YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting services or upload your audio file.

AI Grammar Support

We all require a perfect script. A script with precise grammar may draw viewers into your explainer video. Wavel uses an AI grammar assistant to help you suggest corrections and highlight your script's grammatical, linguistic, and writing mistakes.

With Wavel's extensive voice database, you can now quickly produce voiceovers tailored to your audience's demography. To reach your audience in the most effective way possible, Wavel's voiceover studio can assist you in selecting voiceovers for a variety of explainer videos.