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Auto Add Captions to Video Online

Wavel Studio is a user-friendly online video editor that allows you to easily add captions to your videos. With a few clicks, you can add captions and alter their font, color, style, and more. Add a title, ordinary text, or a handwritten font of your choice. Additionally, you can pick from the templates. Change the text's transparency, alignment, and font size. For producing captivating films for social media, our online tool is ideal. Make entertaining text films for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other networks. it is by far much simpler to use. You don't need any prior video editing skills to use Wavel. Do it in a few clicks!

How To Add Captions to Video

Upload File

Upload File

To upload a file to Wavel, click "Choose Video" and choose the appropriate file. Your video can be dropped directly into the editor from your folder.

Generate Captions

Generate Captions

Click on “Process” after you select the target language and font style for your video.

Generate Captions


By selecting "Download," you can save your video together with the text you entered. An MP4 file will be created from your video.

Benefits of Adding Captions to Video

Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add captions to a video online using Wavel AI\'s platform?

Wavel AI provides an online platform where you can easily add captions to your videos. Simply upload your video file, and the platform's advanced AI technology will automatically generate accurate captions. This allows you to make your videos more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

Can I add subtitles to videos using Wavel AI\'s online platform?

Absolutely! Wavel AI's online platform supports the addition of subtitles to videos. By utilizing AI algorithms, the platform can analyze the audio content of your video and generate subtitles that sync perfectly with the spoken words. This feature enhances comprehension and improves the overall viewing experience.

Is Wavel AI\'s AI-powered technology used to add captions to videos?

Yes, Wavel AI leverages AI-powered technology to add captions to videos. The platform's algorithms analyze the audio content, transcribe the spoken words, and generate accurate captions. This efficient and automated process saves time and ensures high-quality captions for your videos.

How can I add captions to my video online without any technical expertise?

Adding captions to your video online with Wavel AI is a user-friendly process that does not require technical expertise. The platform's intuitive interface allows you to upload your video and select the captioning options. Wavel AI's advanced AI technology takes care of the rest, generating the captions seamlessly.

How can I learn how to add captions to a video using Wavel AI\'s online platform?

Wavel AI provides resources and tutorials to guide you through the process of adding captions to your videos using their online platform. You can access step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and FAQs on their website. This ensures that even if you are new to captioning, you can quickly learn and utilize the platform effectively.