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Online Reduce the time you spend on transcription by using Wavel’s automatic audio to text converter. Watch your M4A files be Convertd to text instantly, in just a few clicks. Download your transcripts in your desired format. You can export it as an SRT file, a VTT, or a SRT file. Do it straight from your browser. No software installation required.

How to Convert M4A to SRT:

1 Select your M4A file

1 Select your M4A file

Upload your M4A file to Wavel. Just click on ‘Choose M4A File’ and select the file from your folder. Or drag and drop it into the box.

2. Click ‘Auto Convert’

2. Click ‘Auto Convert’

Go to Elements from the left menu and click on ‘Auto Convert’ under Subtitles. Your transcript will be automatically generated. Edit the transcription as needed.

2. Click ‘Auto Convert’

3. Export the SRT file

Click on Options without exiting the Subtitles page and select the file format that you want, then click on the Download button.

Benefits of Converting M4A To SRT Using Wavel AI

Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an m4a file?

An m4a file is a type of audio file that is commonly used to store audio tracks, such as music or podcast episodes. It is similar to the more commonly known MP3 format, but offers higher quality audio at a smaller file size.

What is an srt file?

An srt file is a type of subtitle file that is commonly used to display subtitles on video content. The file contains the text of the Subtitles, along with information about when each subtitle should be displayed on the screen.

Why would I want to convert an m4a file to an srt file?

Converting an m4a file to an srt file can be useful if you have an audio file that you would like to add subtitles to. For example, if you have recorded a podcast episode and would like to make it accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, adding an srt file with subtitles can be a great way to do so.

How can I convert an m4a file to an srt file?

To convert an m4a file to an srt file, you will need to use a transcription service or software that can convert the audio file to text. Once you have a text file of the audio content, you can then use a subtitle editing software to create an srt file. Alternatively, some transcription services may offer the option to export the transcription as an srt file directly.