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With Wavel AI’s online TikTok converter you can easily transform and save any TikTok into a video or audio that you can download on your computer, share it on other social media platforms or use it in your other videos. The simple interface lets you achieve this just by copy and pasting a TikTok video into our tool and pressing the Export button to save the video. To edit a TikTok after converting it into a video just use the features built-in into our tool to cut, trim, crop, add text, add transitions, add music and so much more.

How to Convert TikTok

Copy TikTok link to Wavel AI

Copy TikTok link to Wavel AI

Click the Get Started button to open Wavel AI and then click the blue Import button. Here select the Link import option and paste the TikTok video link. It will automatically be added on the Wavel AI timeline.

Adjust Video

Adjust Video

If you want you can make adjustments to the video like, cropping, cutting or removing parts of the TikTok. You can also add transitions, music and text.

Adjust Video

Download TikTok Video

When ready or if you just skipped over the adjustment part all you need to do is click the Export button. Now you can choose between saving a video or just the audio and then press the Export button again. The video will be processed and when finished you can just save it to your computer.

Convert Tik-Tok Video to Text

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Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement

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