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If you're doing a podcast and want to provide transcripts to your audience, the best way is to convert your podcast audio file to text. Doing this will make your show more accessible to all audiences. Help people with hearing loss access your content. Wavel Studio's auto-transcription tool will allow you to provide your audience a written copy of your podcast episodes. It's a great way to get more subscribers and grow your following!

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Create More Engaging Podcast Content

Providing a transcript of your podcast episodes will encourage more engagement in your podcast channel. This will also increase shares on social media. The best part is it is automatically generated on Wavel Studio! You don't need to wait hours to transcribe an audio file. Click on Auto Transcribe from the Side Menu to download the text file in TXT, SRT, or VTT format.

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Translate To Your Podcast

Do you want to have listeners from all over the world? Now you can! When the transcription is completed, you can also translate it into different languages. Wavel Studio can detect over 30+ languages and automatically translate your transcript to your chosen language. Just click on Transcribe on the same Subtitles page.

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Fast, Accurate, And Affordable

Wavel Studio's super-fast online auto-transcription features 95% accuracy. You may need or want to edit the transcription text, but it only takes a few minutes compared to manually typing it. It is incredibly more affordable than other services. You can visit our pricing page for more information.

More Than A Podcast Transcription Tool

Apart from automatically generating transcriptions for your podcasts, Wavel Studio offers so many tools that you can use for audio and video editing. With just one click, you can clean your audio. You can also split, trim, and rearrange your audio clips. Translate your audio content to different languages. Plus, you will have access to all our video editing tools!

How to Auto-Generate Podcast Transcripts

Transcript of “The Advantages of a Podcast”

Why should you upload transcriptions of your podcast episodes along with the audio files? They offer many advantages.
1. Podcast transcriptions increase the accessibility of your episodes
5% of adults, according to the World Health Organization, have an incapacitating hearing impairment. Even while podcasting is primarily an audio format, you can still make your information accessible to those who have hearing loss.
Having an audio transcription makes your fantastic material accessible to those who have hearing loss. They might read it all the way through or use it to supplement the portions they can't hear.
Transcribing each episode of your podcast enables non-native speakers to listen to it. You may assist them by providing them with access to that information in writing form.
2. Transcripts extend the reach of your SEO
Although show notes only produce a few hundred words, they are an essential tool for Google to grasp the content of your episodes. That hardly qualifies as the long-form information Google prefers to display first in its rankings.
A 30-minute episode of a podcast, however, can produce a transcript of up to 6,000 words. That's a lot of information that gives your website a significant SEO boost, making it easier for new listeners to find your content.
3. Podcasts with transcripts offer extra options for backlinks
Because there is nothing for their readers or followers to explore without listening to a whole episode, most content producers simply link to podcast episodes with a podcast transcript.
However, content creators are okay with linking podcast episodes with podcast transcripts because their readers/followers have something to explore without committing to an entire episode or following many steps. So if you want more backlinks (great for SEO!), publish transcriptions. 
4. Grow Your Audience by Including Episode Transcripts
If you want to expand your podcast's reach and grow your audience, including episode transcripts can be valuable. However, manually transcribing your episodes can take time and effort, removing your ability to create new content.
Fortunately,  Wavel AI is a top text-to-voice technology provider to offer an effortless and cost-effective transcription solution. As a User, you'll have access to this automatic transcription feature, allowing you to seamlessly add transcripts to your episodes without manual transcription. With transcripts, you can improve accessibility for those with hearing impairments, optimize your content for search engines, and provide a more engaging experience for your listeners.

Why Transcribe a  Podcast?

Transcribing a podcast involves creating a written record of the audio content of a podcast. There are many reasons why users would want to transcribe a podcast:
Accessibility: Transcribing a podcast can make it accessible to people who are difficult or hard of hearing. These individuals can read along and fully participate in the conversation by providing a written version of the content.
SEO: Transcribing a podcast can help improve search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google can't listen to audio content but can crawl and index written content. By transcribing a podcast, you can provide search engines with more content to index, which can help improve your website's ranking in search results.
Comprehension: Some people find it easier to understand and retain information when presented in written form. By transcribing a podcast, you can provide listeners with a written version of the content they can refer to for clarity or review.
Repurposing content: Transcribing a podcast can provide you with a written version of the content you can repurpose for other uses. For example, you could use the transcript to create a blog post, social media content, or an ebook.
Transcribing a podcast can provide numerous benefits, from making the content more accessible to improving SEO and creating new content for your website or social media channels.

Why Do Users Prefer Wavel Studio for Best Podcast Transcription?

Wavel Studio is a podcast transcription and translation platform that offers support for over 30 languages. Here are some reasons why users might prefer Wavel Studio:
1. Everyone Enjoys Podcasts
Recent studies by the Concordia University of Saint Paul show that millions of Americans and Australians are flocking to podcasts for entertainment. This trending style doesn't seem to be slowing down either - between 2013 and 2017, the population of podcast listeners skyrocketed from 12% to 24%:
As audiences of podcast listeners continue to grow, the number of those unable to access podcast content rises. Like music, podcasts rely on your ears to participate. This is a significant barrier for many deaf or hard-of-hearing people who cannot access podcast content without supplementary transcripts. Providing transcripts of your podcasts, and utilizing many free online services or apps, can expand your audience and upgrade your reputation as an inclusive and accessible podcast that cares about the needs of its listeners.  
2. Effective SEO
When optimizing your podcast for search engines, you're more likely to draw traffic if you provide a text transcript. By transcribing the audio, people can search for your podcast content on search engines, creating an entirely new avenue for traffic.
3. Opportunities for Growth SEO
One major issue with podcasters is their inability to promote content outside of podcasting. Tom Webster, Senior Vice-President at Edison Research, suggested, "there's never been a mainstream effort, ever, to explain what a podcast is and why you'd want one." This dilemma can be harnessed to your advantage.

Estimates suggest the deaf and hard of hearing population of the U.S. is nearly 10 million persons or 1 in 20 people. As podcasts rely on audio, we can assume that there are currently ~10 million people unaware of or have never heard of deaf-friendly podcasts. This is a fantastic opportunity to brand your podcast to millions of individuals who would be thrilled to learn of accessible content, especially if it meets their needs: entertainment, news, education, etc. 
4. People Want to Read
Most first-time visitors to your podcast may prefer to read a transcript to gauge the content's worth. Although this is a given for deaf audiences, those not afflicted by hearing difficulty would also enjoy the ability to read through transcripts and avoid the distractions and discomfort listening may potentially cause.  
5. Social Media Friendly
Social media is the main driving force behind any good podcast. By generating transcripts, or text examples of your content, you can make your podcast immediately easier to share on all social media platforms. Things like quotes, highlights, or interviews are easier to share when available in text form and increase the viral potential for your content. 
6. Wholesome User Experience
When considering transcribing your podcast, the user should be at the forefront of your decision. Making the user experience of your podcast as accessible, simple, and comfortable as possible is a significant way to accumulate a loyal and dedicated audience. As well as foster an environment that many consider thoughtful and attentive to their needs, which is the key to excellent customer satisfaction. You'll earn the respect of audience members who appreciate transcripts by offering them content in their preferred format.
Users prefer Wavel Studio for their podcast transcription needs because of its accuracy, customization options, fast turnaround times, translation services, and affordable pricing.