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Add an amazing soundtrack to your videos with in minutes! is a free online AV editing programme that lets you add music to your videos. With our simple editing software, you can add an outstanding soundtrack to your video footage. Sound effects, audio recordings, voice overs, and royalty-free music are all available. When uploading a video to Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media site, use our studio to ensure the audio is correct. Start with a movie template, or choose from our stock video library! Remove the audio from your video (to remove background noise), then upload a separate audio file to save as a single video. You may also utilize's automated 'Clean Audio' option to ensure your audio recording is crystal clear and free of background interference. Combine your music and video files, Today!

How To Add Audio To Video

Choose A File

Choose A File

Just choose a file from your computer, Upload or attach a link.

Upload Audio

Upload Audio

You can remove the existing audio by customizing the sound option. Then click Upload to add your music, spoken audio or sound effects.

Upload Audio

Process and Download

Once you are happy with your new video. Click Process and Enjoy!

Benefits of Adding Audio To Video

Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add audio to a video online using Wavel AI\'s free online editor?

Wavel AI's online editor allows you to add audio to your videos seamlessly. Simply upload your video file, select the desired audio track, and the editor will merge them together. With Wavel AI, you can easily enhance your videos by adding background music, voiceovers, or other audio elements.

Is the option to add audio to video available for free on Wavel AI\'s online platform?

Yes, Wavel AI offers a free online option to add audio to videos. You can access the online editor and merge audio with your videos without any cost. It's a convenient and budget-friendly way to enhance your video content with engaging audio.

Can I add both voiceover and background music to my videos using Wavel AI?

Absolutely! With Wavel AI's online editor, you have the flexibility to add both voiceovers and background music to your videos. This allows you to create immersive and captivating video experiences by combining professional voice narration with a suitable musical backdrop.

Is Wavel AI\'s online editor powered by AI for adding audio to videos?

Yes, Wavel AI's online editor incorporates AI technology to enhance the audio merging process. The AI algorithms ensure seamless synchronization between the video and the added audio, resulting in a professional and polished end product. With Wavel AI's AI-powered capabilities, you can create videos with enhanced audio effortlessly.

Can I add audio to videos of any length using Wavel AI\'s online editor?

Wavel AI's online editor is designed to handle videos of various lengths, including both short clips and longer videos. Whether you have a brief promotional video or a full-length production, the editor can easily merge the audio with your video, providing a cohesive and synchronized audiovisual experience.