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Automatically Convert MP4 into VTT

Are you looking to create automatic transcriptions of your MP4 files? Would you like to be able to translate those transcriptions, export as .txt, create subtitles files, and much more? Well, now you can, with Wavel ! Wavel makes it super easy to Convert MP4 to text so your content can travel further, be more purposeful and engage with a wider, global audience. All online and no account required. Wavel can detect over a hundred different accents and languages so simply choose the language you need. Exporting couldn’t be easier. Automatically export your transcription as a text file (.txt) or subtitles file (.srt)- tex and subtitles. Want to add some changes to your text? Just click on a line and type. It’s that easy. Convert your MP4 file to Text quickly and easily with Wavel ’s powerful video editing software!

How to convert MP4 to VTT:

Upload an MP4 File

Upload an MP4 File

Click on ‘Upload’ and simply upload your MP4 file! You can import your file from anywhere, whether it's your laptop, Google Drive, Youtube, or Dropbox- it’s all online so there’s no software needed! It’s super fast!

Convert to VTT

Convert to VTT

Click ‘Subtitles’, then ‘Auto Subtitles’, and watch as your transcription automatically generates! You can also manually input your subtitles if you want more control over the transcriptions. Click ‘Subtitles’, then ‘Manual Subtitles’ and type your transcriptions.

Convert to VTT


Click ‘Download’ and save your new converted file as .TXT, .VTT, or, SRT- if you want to create a separate subtitles file. It’s that easy to get your MP4 files Convertd with Wavel . Once downloaded your transcript is ready to share!

Benefits of Converting MP4 TO VTT Using Wavel AI

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Wavel Enhancement
Wavel Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VTT and why would I need to convert MP4 to VTT?

VTT stands for "Web Video Text Tracks" and is a subtitle format that allows you to add text captions to a video. If you have an MP4 video file that you want to add captions to, you can convert it to VTT and then use the VTT file to create captions for your video.

How can I convert MP4 to VTT?

There are several online tools that you can use to convert MP4 to VTT. Simply upload your MP4 file to the tool and it will generate a VTT file for you. You can then download the VTT file and use it to add captions to your video.

What are some tips for creating VTT captions?

When creating VTT captions, it's important to make sure that the text is synced up with the audio. You can do this by using timecodes to indicate when each caption should appear on screen. It's also a good idea to keep the captions short and concise, so that they are easy for viewers to read and understand.

Can I edit the VTT file after converting from MP4?

Yes, you can edit the VTT file after converting from MP4. You can use a text editor or a dedicated captioning tool to make changes to the text or timecodes in the VTT file. However, it's important to make sure that you don't change the formatting of the file, as this could cause issues with the captions when you add them to your video.