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Our high accuracy video captioning and text transcription help employees and students focus on the conversation at hand.

Interactive Transcripts

Our tools offer seamless, searchable, and interactive ways to reference materials and notes after important events or courses.

Multiple speaker identifications

Let it be multiple speakers in a meeting, webinar, or classroom, our AI tool can correctly identify all of them separately.

Searchable audio

Search for the key points in a meeting/class/webinar which will help you increase productivity.


Multiple Export Format

You can download the text transcription in multiple formats, either a word document or PDF or plain text or interactive transcripts. We also provide multiple options in video captioning as well.


WaveScript is integrated with Zoom, Kaltura, Panopto, Canvas and more. Our API allows you to integrate with the video platform of your choice.

Flexible Delivery & Multiple Upload Methods

You can choose from the type of language you want. You can select the speed at which you want it transcribed, 48 hours, 24 hours or 8 hours. We also make it easy to upload the file by providing multiple methods to upload.

Fully customizable captions & subtitles

Adjust captions length, time according to your video placement. You can fully control your caption's view to give a better experience to your audience for free. Invest your time on content; let us do the rest of the part.

"Best of AI is yet to be used in Online education, solutions needs to be cost effective to be rollout whole campus. WaveNotes is promising solution to fill this gap."

Stuart Clark

"We are fortunate to work with Wavel, our course creators are loving the platform. Wavel is helping us to get the most accurate and clean content from our content creators."

David Yeo

How It works

After sending us your data via integration or upload, our platform, through a combination of AI, human editor, and reviewer, makes it 99% accurate. So you can sit back and focus on other important stuff.


Integrate with dozens of popular solutions like Panopto, Kaltura, Zoom, Canvas, Vimeo and 30+ more.


Automatically record and get live transcriptions, important moments for each class or meeting.


We are seamlessly integrated to Canvas LMS to pull your lecture videos and push interactive transcripts automatically


Our two-way integration with the Kaltura video platform automatically pushes videos to Wavel for captioning.


Wavel's two-way integration with Panopto’s online video platform allows users to flag videos for captioning directly in Panopto.


We are seamlessly integrated to Vimeo to download private and public videos for transcription and captioning.


Wavel API, which you can plug in your existing workflow. Integrate with your applications using our REST Api.

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