Voice-to-text programmes can be incredibly helpful for both busy professionals and people with accessibility issues. These specialized apps can boost your productivity and preserve the recordings securely over the cloud if you’re constantly on the go, transcribing interview notes, or you think more quickly than you can write. Depending on your requirements, you can also pick an app with language that you can customize for everyday terminology or business jargon.

When looking for voice-to-text apps, accuracy, shortcuts, and available languages are the primary elements to take into account. One of the most crucial elements is accuracy, and certain solutions excel in this area more than others. These apps range from basic software to cutting-edge technology, and they are getting increasingly popular.The top voice-to-text apps listed below can be used to take notes, send
brief messages, or translate on the move.

List Of 8 Best Voice-to-Text Apps of 2023

Here is the voice to text apps of 2023 for content creators and businesses

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a high-end professional tool that is popular among dictation programmes and is available for Android and iOS smartphones. It has voice editing and formatting and is 99 percent accurate. There are no word counts on the programme, so you can use it for however long you need.

For even greater accuracy, Dragon Anywhere lets you customize industry jargon. Share your notes after transcription via email, Dropbox, Evernote, and other services. You can use Dragon Anywhere to record voice work on your PC and sync it with your desktop for supported versions.You will also need to buy a desktop edition of Dragon for this, though.

If you frequently come up with ideas on the move or need to record meetings, the cost of its accuracy and broad feature set may be a worthwhile business investment. The cost of the application is $15 monthly or $150 annually.

Google Assistant

The many functions of Google Assistant include accessing maps and playing music. Voice recognition is one of its best capabilities. Google Assistant can convert speech to text so that you can use voice commands to look up information and instruct it to carry out certain tasks.

The software handles tasks, delivers messages, and adds reminders. Even if it’s not a speech-to-text software in the strictest sense, voice recognition will nevertheless help you organize your thoughts and notes.

To make the most of your Google Assistant’s note-taking features, use IFTTT (If This Then That). Google Assistant can enter all of your notes into a spreadsheet using a single application. You can look around IFTTT for additional productivity-enhancing applets or make your own as needed.

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Transcribe – Speech-to-text

This tool might be helpful for journalists or executive assistants who need to keep track of a lot of talks. Transcribe uses artificial intelligence to convert any voice memo or video into a transcription in more than 120 different languages and dialects. When you’re finished recording, drag your file into this app and export the raw text to another programme like DropBox.

Since there is no direct in-app dictation, keep in mind that Transcribe is only accessible for Apple gadgets with Voice Memo and video. It can be expensive to transcribe. An initial trial of 15 minutes of transcribing is provided to users. However, there are subscriptions available for those who use the service frequently. Each additional hour costs $5, and 10 hours costs $30.

Speech Notes – Speech-to-text

This programme will be useful to writers who type more quickly than they can think. Speechnotes’ two unique qualities make it a fantastic tool for managing lengthy notes. You may leave the recorder open for as long as necessary because it keeps recording even if you pause to ponder or breathe. To avoid having too many punctuation marks in your writing, you can push a button or give a voice order.

A little ad banner is present in the free version of the programme, but you may remove it by purchasing the premium version. Additionally, it stores all of your recordings as TXT files so that it won’t take up too much space on your phone (4 MB).Additionally, using it won’t require you to open the app; all you have to do is tap on a widget to access Speechnotes. Remember that Speechnotes is only compatible with Android and browsers.

Voice Notes

Voice Notes’ speech recognition feature makes it simple to make notes. By personalizing notifications synchronized with your phone calendar, you may then categorize your notes and set reminders. To record your speech, simply press the microphone button on the user interface. Even with the phone’s screen off, you can still take notes.

In case you need to record notes in a language other than English, the software can recognise up to 120 different tongues. Although the software is free, you can support the creator by signing up for a premium subscription.

Of course, there are certain restrictions. Popular software Voice Notes has one significant drawback: it’s only compatible with Android phones.

SpeechTexter – Speech to Text

Need to send a fast message but your hands are already full? Here is a simple fix. SpeechTexter lets you voice-write text notes, emails, and reports using Google’s infrastructure. With an accuracy rate of over 90%, the user-friendly software covers over 70 languages. Additionally, you can create your own punctuation instructions.

Although you can use the app when you aren’t connected to the Internet, you should be aware that accuracy suffers and recognition speed is based on your Internet connectivity. Install the preferred language packs if you want to use the programme offline.

Converse iTranslate

With iTranslate Converse, created by the same team behind the well-known iTranslate software, you can converse with clients who don’t speak the same language as you or while travelling overseas because it offers as near to real-time translation as you can get. Setting the two languages is all that is required. Tap your phone, hold it, and then speak into it.

Even in noisy settings, the app will detect the language you’re using and then provide a translation. 38 languages can be recognised by the app. You can obtain complete transcriptions of your discussion once it is over. Although it’s not always accurate, looking up translations without using a personal assistant software is quicker.

Despite having a monthly cost, iTranslate won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. You’ll get a free trial when you download it. When it expires, an upgrade to the pro version will cost you $6 per month or $50 per year. To avoid being switched to a paying membership, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the trial ends.

Wavel.ai – Text to Speech

Wavel.ai is a company that provides AI-powered speech recognition and transcription services. Their voice to text technology uses deep learning algorithms to automatically transcribe audio into text. Here are some potential reasons why someone might consider Wavel.ai for their voice to text needs:

  1. High accuracy: Wavel.ai’s voice to text technology boasts high accuracy rates, which can be especially important for transcribing complex or technical language.
  2. Customization: Wavel.ai offers customizable transcription services, which can be tailored to specific industries, use cases, or languages.
  3. Real-time transcription: Wavel.ai’s technology can provide real-time transcription for live events or calls, which can be useful for industries like broadcasting, education, or customer service.
  4. Multiple file types: Wavel.ai can transcribe a variety of file types, including audio and video files, which can be convenient for users with diverse transcription needs.
  5. Data privacy: Wavel.ai prioritizes data privacy and security, which can be important for industries dealing with sensitive or confidential information.

It’s worth noting that there are many other companies that provide voice to text technology, and the best option will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.


Voice to text technology is important for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Accessibility: Voice to text technology can make content more accessible to people with hearing impairments or other disabilities that make it difficult to consume audio or video content.
  2. Convenience: Voice to text technology can make it easier to transcribe audio or video content, especially for people who may not have the time or resources to manually transcribe.
  3. Multilingual support: Voice to text technology can be used to transcribe content in multiple languages, which can be useful for global businesses or for individuals who consume content in multiple languages.
  4. Improved productivity: Voice to text technology can be a time-saving tool, allowing individuals or businesses to quickly transcribe notes, interviews, meetings, or other audio content.
  5. Enhanced accuracy: Voice to text technology can provide more accurate transcriptions than manual transcriptions, especially when dealing with complex or technical language.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: Voice to text technology can be more cost-effective than hiring human transcriptionists, especially for large volumes of content.
  7. Automation: Voice to text technology can be integrated with other AI-powered tools to automate workflows and improve efficiency in industries like customer service or transcription services.

Overall, voice to text technology can provide a range of benefits for individuals and businesses, making it an increasingly important tool in many industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Voice to Text App Is The Best?

The top voice-to-text app on our list is Wavel.ai. This programme exports files quickly to your computer, email, or other apps, has a good accuracy rating, and is accessible to Android and iOS users.

  • Which Free Voice to Text App Is Best?

Great options for free voice-to-text applications include Wavel.ai, Speechnotes, Voice Notes, Google Assistant, and SpeechTexter. Based on the longest possible recording, the languages that are supported, and the exporting possibilities, select the option that best suits your needs.

  • What Is The Best Voice To Text Conversion Method?

You can convert your voice to text with the use of computer tools and speech-to-text apps. A mobile app is probably best for you if you need to take notes when you’re on the go or away from your computer. To take notes during meetings or seminars, other people, on the other hand, prefer apps that they have downloaded to their laptops.

  • What Speech-To-Text Program Is Most Accurate?

The accuracy rating for voice-to-text applications compared in this list is held by Wavel.ai.. To make their transcriptions more realistic, users of this programme can customize certain industry jargon and terms that are frequently used.

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