The Bourne Legacy movie franchise has captured the attention of action-thriller enthusiasts since the release of the first movie in 2002, building on the success of Robert Ludlum’s novels. This guide will help you explore the franchise in the correct chronological order.

Bourne Legacy: Overview and Synopsis

The Bourne movies are centered around Jason Bourne, a character created by Robert Ludlum. These films follow Bourne, portrayed by Matt Damon, a CIA assassin suffering from dissociative amnesia. The franchise includes five films and a spinoff TV show, serving as a prequel.

Unlike other contemporary action films, the Bourne franchise is known for its authentic stunt work over CGI, contributing significantly to its critical and box office success.

The original three novels by Ludlum were all adapted into successful films. Although it’s too late to catch them in cinemas, they are available on Amazon Prime.

Key Characters

  • Jason Bourne/David Webb: A former CIA assassin, played by Matt Damon, who starts a quest to rediscover his identity after suffering from amnesia.
  • Nicky Parsons: Played by Julia Stiles, she is a former Treadstone operative who leaves the CIA to assist Bourne.
  • Pamela Landy: Portrayed by Joan Allen, a Deputy Director at the CIA who plays a significant role in Bourne’s story.
  • Aaron Cross: The protagonist of the fourth film, portrayed by Jeremy Renner, who is part of a Defense Department enhancement program.
  • Heather Lee: A CIA Cyber Ops head, played by Alicia Vikander, with a mission to track down Bourne and Parsons.
  • Eric Byer: Played by Edward Norton, the antagonist in The Bourne Legacy who has deep ties with Aaron Cross.

Bourne Movies in Chronological Order

  1. The Bourne Identity (2002): Bourne’s journey begins with his recovery from the Mediterranean Sea, devoid of memories but surrounded by dangers linked to his past.
  2. The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Set two years later, Bourne is haunted by an assassination flashback, prompting him to delve deeper into his murky past.
  3. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Bourne continues his quest for identity across different countries, while dodging relentless CIA pursuits.
  4. The Bourne Legacy (2012): This installment shifts focus to Aaron Cross, an operative involved in a secret genetic enhancement program.
  5. Jason Bourne (2016): A decade after his disappearance, Bourne resurfaces to uncover more truths about his past and his recruitment into Treadstone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Matt Damon not in Bourne Legacy?

Matt Damon did not return for The Bourne Legacy due to a change in directors. He resumed his role in the fifth film, directed by Paul Greengrass.

Is there a 6th Bourne movie?

As of now, there is no sixth movie, although there has been ongoing speculation about another sequel.

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