Every artist dreams of getting more Spotify streams, and it’s easy to see why. More streams not only put money in your pocket but also get your music in front of more people. But how do you get those valuable listens if you’re just starting and no one knows your name?

This guide will lay out a step-by-step plan for you.

Understand Your Music and Audience

First off, pinpoint your musical style. Are you into pop, rock, or perhaps country? Knowing your genre is the first step in reaching the people who will love your music.

Next, ask yourself what sets you apart. It could be your unique voice, or you write songs tackling issues people care about.
Once you’ve got a clear idea of your sound, start thinking about your potential fans. For example, if you’re a pop artist, you’ll likely appeal to a younger crowd.

Use Spotify Features to Your Advantage


Landing a spot on Spotify playlists is a game-changer for gaining more listens. There are mainly two kinds you should aim for:

Spotify’s Playlists: Through Spotify for Artists, you can submit your tracks directly for consideration. Just make sure your music is a good fit for the playlist you’re aiming at.

User-Created Playlists: These are playlists made by everyday listeners or music bloggers. Platforms like SubmitHub and Gemtracks can help you get your songs included on these.

Spotify for Artists

This powerful tool offers key insights like listener numbers and locations. Use this information wisely—maybe focus on promoting in cities where you already have a following.

Release Your Music Strategically

Pre-Save Feature

Spotify’s pre-save option lets fans save your new songs before they’re even out. When the song is released, it automatically pops up in their library, ensuring immediate visibility and increasing initial play counts.

Upload Your Music

To share your creativity with the world, it’s crucial to understand the process of getting your songs on streaming platforms. Upload your music to Spotify using Distrokid, to ensure that your tracks reach a global audience. 

This step is pivotal for independent artists seeking recognition. Once uploaded, engage with listeners and track your growth seamlessly.

Social Media Announcements

Before dropping a new track or album, create some buzz on social media. A teaser or sneak peek can spark interest and anticipation, ensuring a stronger initial reception.

Make Your Playlists

When putting together a playlist, pick songs that complement your tracks. This showcases your good taste and exposes your fans to new tunes. Additionally, intertwining your songs with popular tracks can increase their visibility. 

Collaborating with other artists for joint playlists can also amplify reach, creating a mutual boost in listenership and introducing both fanbases to fresh sounds.

Invest in Spotify AD Studio

Spotify AD studio is a solid choice to craft ads that play for specific listeners in between songs. By targeting demographics, musical tastes, and listening habits, you can ensure your music reaches a relevant audience, maximizing the potential for genuine engagement and new fans.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Take the time to reply if fans reach out to you on social media or Spotify. A simple response can turn a casual listener into a loyal fan. Remember the power of live streams. Whether you’re jamming, answering fan questions, or teaming up with other artists, live interaction keeps fans invested.

Expand Your Reach

Making cameos on podcasts and interviews is a fantastic method to increase your following and visibility. Not only does this provide you with free advertising, but it also gets individuals who would not have otherwise discovered you and your music into your hands.

You’re positioning yourself for a more lucrative and fulfilling career in music by making the most of media appearances and item sales. While there isn’t a silver bullet for increasing Spotify streams, these pointers may be useful. It’s a necessary part of the journey, but it will require some work.

Sneha Mukherjee

Content and Copywriter at Wavel AI

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