Especially post-pandemic, remote selling has taken over traditional sales. Video prospecting has emerged to be a powerful method of engaging with prospects. It makes outreach easier by effectively initiating conversations. You can talk about your products or services through personalized videos to capture your target audience’s attention. AI assistants for video prospecting further streamline the approach. 

AI assistants for video prospecting leverage the algorithms to automate and optimize the outreach process. Before going deeper into their benefits, let’s get to the basics. 

What is Video Prospecting?

Video prospecting uses videos to engage your prospects in sales outreach. You can send videos with a personalized demo to your cold, warm, or deal leads to initiate conversations. It can also help in nurturing existing customers. It’s most effective for two reasons: 

  • Easy-to-share
  • Memorable and engaging 

When Should You Use Video Prospecting?

Usually, video prospecting is used for one-on-one conversations. You can record conversations and create prospecting videos for sharing with prospects. A sales engagement platform integrates with multiple apps that allow you to embed videos in your conversations with prospects. Here are the different scenarios to give video prospecting a try: 

  • Cold outreach – introduction email
  • While targeting high-intent prospects
  • Adding more context to your prospecting conversations 
  • Sharing social proof like demos, case studies, testimonials, etc. 
  • Retargeting or warming up old prospects 

You can even personalize the video messages based on the targeted audience. Every step of the outreach can be A/B tested to identify what works best for you. You can A/B test the placement of videos, CTAs, messaging with or without videos, and much more using a sales outreach tool. No two cold outreach campaigns are the same. You can make yours unique based on the insights you gather. But how should you use an AI assistant for video prospecting?

Best Practices for AI Assistant for Video Prospecting

Your sales quotas will continue to grow, and the budgets will get tighter. You want to do more and know personalization is necessary to stand out. It can get overwhelming to create personalized resources at scale for effective prospecting. 

You can create your video script, record your message, and share it — all through an AI assistant for video prospecting. Discover how the best AI video generator enhances each step of your video creation process for more engaging results. For maximized outcomes, here are some best practices to follow: 

Personalization is Not Optional! 

While choosing your AI assistant for video prospecting, you must ensure it can collect and analyze information about your prospects. The prospect data is required to personalize the video content. It must be relevant and appealing to each prospect individually. You can use Tools like ZoomInfo or competitors such as UpLead to find this information. Personalizing video prospecting increases engagement, positive responses, and conversion rates. 

Scripting Assistance

AI assistants are providing invaluable support for scripting video content. They can analyze the key messages you want to convey and suggest effective structures for your script. They can also identify improvement areas like refining the tone, language, or pace. AI-powered suggestions can help you create more compelling videos with lesser effort and in less time. 

Automate Editing

Video editing is usually time-consuming, but AI assistants can automate the process. You can use AI assistants’ help to analyze your video footage quickly, identify the most relevant segments, and edit them as the final video. It is not only time-saving but also ensures consistency. You can also transcribe the voice within the video, and all of this — is automated. 

Data-driven Content Creation

AI assistants for video prospecting can provide valuable insights into your engagement and positive responses. You can channel your video campaigns ‘ effectiveness with metrics such as videos, click-through rates, and watch time. It’ll help optimize and improve prospecting strategies based on data and insights to maximize the impact of video prospecting. 

A/B Test, Review, Iterate

Video prospecting is ongoing; you must test and iterate to maximize the outcomes. With a sales engagement platform, you can A/B test before finalizing the video prospecting strategy. An AI assistant for video prospecting often helps create variations of A/B tests. Besides, keeping an eye on your deliverability and conducting email list cleaning will ensure you’re efforts pay off. You can experiment with messaging, visuals, and even call-to-action to understand what’s most preferred by your prospects. Continue testing and iterating to refine your video prospecting strategy and bring out consistent outcomes. 

Keep the Human Touch

While AI assistants for video prospecting can provide ease of content creation, it is critical to streamline and enhance the process with human interaction. Keep it genuine, personalized, and relevant. Human touch builds reliability and empathy and positively impacts your prospects. Balance AI assistance with human interaction to have more meaningful conversations with your prospects. 

The Ultimate Framework to Video Prospecting 

Whether you share a video in email or use it for social selling content, you need a framework for effective video prospecting. It should drive the script of your video prosecting. Here’s what all is must answer: 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will you offer them? What are the benefits?
  • Where can they purchase it?
  • How much does it cost? How do they find you – online or in person?

It’s a simple framework that ensures the video is short enough for the viewer and effective enough to convey the message. While the video content is essential, the most important part is to maintain their interest. Lastly, when you decide to share a video in an email, consider using an SPF record checker to optimize email deliverability and ensure your video reaches the intended audience’s inbox.

Pitfalls to Avoid with AI Assistant for Video Prospecting

AI assistants have revolutionized how you do business, but is it all about the good part? Here are some tips for avoiding the pitfalls of AI assistants for video prospecting.  

Too Much Reliance on Automation

While automating video prospecting has benefits, over-relying on it can discourage prospects instead of attracting them. AI can provide all the assistance and enhance your efforts. It is not a replacement for the human touch. Strike an optimal balance between automation and personalized interactions for authentic and effective video prospecting efforts. 

Stay Human, Maintain Human Touch

While AI assistants can provide personalized recommendations at scale, it is essential to maintain the human touch in your videos. While scripting and editing, assistance from AI can be beneficial. But the final product must retain a sense of authenticity and human connection. Avoid making the videos generic, robotic, or devoid of genuine emotion. Adding a unique personality and relatability to your video content can establish trust and build stronger relationships with your prospects. Also you can take tips from Clevenio

Feedback Helps in Improving 

While AI assistants offer valuable insights, it’s important to consider human feedback. Pay attention to the feedback and comments received from your prospects after they view your videos. Listen to their suggestions, address their concerns, and incorporate feedback into future video prospecting efforts. AI assistants can complement human judgment, but ultimately, human feedback is critical for continuous improvement.

Stay Ethical, and Authentic

The fast-paced advancements in AI technology make it crucial to stay mindful of ethical considerations when using it for video prospecting. Ensure that the data collected and used by your AI assistant is transparent and honest. Respect the privacy of your prospects and adhere to data protection regulations. Additionally, be cautious of using AI assistants to manipulate or deceive prospects. Authenticity, transparency, and ethical practices should always be at the forefront of your video prospecting strategy.

Final Thoughts

AI assistants for video prospecting have revolutionalized how you engage with prospects. Its practical usage can ensure personalization at scale, streamlining scripting and editing. You can even get valuable insights to optimize the overall prospecting process. 

While AI assistants are extremely helpful, you need to balance out automation and the human touch. Listen to feedback and apply them ethically. Pairing video prospecting with a sales engagement platform can help prioritize personalization across multiple channels, leverage insights to build your best practices, and book more meetings with a consistent pipeline. Embrace the power of AI assistance for video prospecting to drive more meaningful conversations. 

Sneha Mukherjee

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