AI-assisted content creation: You’ve probably heard of it, but should you use it?

Here’s the deal. Maintaining your brand’s content creation needs is always a challenge, whether you’re a one-person shop or have a full marketing team. Digital marketing only requires So. from social content to emails to blog posts to sales pages. A lot of words.

We understand. We’re a group of writers. We will not tell you to phase us out and delegate all content creation to machines. But, in reality, AI-powered content writing is a way to improve and streamline the writing process, rather than completely replacing human writers.

When AI handles mundane writing tasks, writers (and non-writer marketers) can focus on more valuable aspects of content creation, such as content mix and conversion strategies.

How does AI-Powered Content Generation Work?

One thing you should know right away: Many of your content creation tasks are automated by AI, making it easier to create high-quality content faster, especially if you are not a professional writer. However, you must still do some of the work.

In a nutshell, here’s how the process works.

1. Educate your AI

No AI-powered content creation tool will understand your company right away. First and foremost, you must provide some information.

In many cases, machine learning begins by providing existing resources to the AI to assist it in learning what works best for your audience. This could be existing content, specific keywords and phrases, or even videos, depending on the tool.

2. Inform the AI of your intentions.

The vast majority of AI-powered content creation begins with a prompt: you tell the AI what you want it to write about.

The AI will then use multiple data sources to begin creating your content. The text is generated using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). NLP assists the AI in understanding what you want, whereas NLG makes the content sound more like these data sources could include your existing content as well as other online resources. These tools are used by AI to learn what type of content to create for your target audience. AI content creation tools, unlike content scrapers or unintelligent bots, use what they learn from existing resources to create fresh, original content that is unique to your brand.

3. Editing and polishing (and train some more)

Before posting AI based content creation, it must be reviewed by a human. Although AI writing assistants get a lot of things right, they are not perfect. (At the very least, not yet.) A thorough edit by someone who is familiar with and understands your brand is an essential final step in making the most of AI-powered content. Moreover, you also need to humanize AI text, so that the readers feel attached to it. To do this, you can take help from a paraphrasing tool that rephrase the given content by using humanly words (words that are commonly to humans) in it, without damaging its original meaning or intent.

The good news is that the tool you use learns a little more about what you want with each edit of your AI content. Every edit gives your AI more training, so the content it generates should require less editing over time.

Who stands to gain from AI-powered content creation?

Social media entrepreneurs

When it comes to creating multiple variations of short form copy, AI-powered content creation tools shine. Do you know anyone who could use some assistance with that task?

AI tools can help pull the most effective parts of any piece of content to use in social posts or variations of social ads, from headline variations to pull quotes and spotlight text.

When combined with an effective content curation and UGC strategy, you’ll have a plethora of prime social content that requires very little human input. It also makes A/B testing much easier.

When you combine your AI-powered content creation tools with a social media dashboard, particularly one that recommends the best time to post, you can queue up your automated content in bulk for the most effective times. Additionally you can use ttagz, an AI-driven User-Generated Content (UGC) tool reshaping content creation. By harnessing artificial intelligence, ttagz motivates your customers to effortlessly share authentic product experiences, establishing meaningful connections with your brand.

Don’t rely solely on artificial intelligence-generated content.

Sometimes all you need is a human touch. Any content that expresses a strong point of view or tells a personal story must be written by a real person. (However, AI-powered content moderation tools can still assist with editing and tone checks.)

While AI content should ideally pass for human-created content, your fans and followers may want to see something more personalized from your brand from time to time. Human stories facilitate connection. Use AI tools to give your writers more time, not less, to create great human stories.

6 top AI-Powered Content Creation tools for 2023

1. Lately

Lately, one of the leading ai writing tools, is an artificial intelligence (AI) content creation tool designed specifically for social media marketers. Lately’s AI trains itself when integrated with Hootsuite by analyzing the metrics for social accounts connected to your Hootsuite dashboard. Lately creates a writing model to create longform content using natural language to match your brand’s tone after learning which key words and phrases generate the most engagement.

Lately can also break down existing longform content, such as blog posts, into multiple headlines and short content pieces for social, all with the goal of maximizing response.

As you review and edit the content, the AI learns, so your automatically generated content will improve over time.

Wepik AI Writer

Step into the future of content creation with Wepik’s AI writer—a rising star among AI tools for social media. Engineered for speed, it harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to swiftly generate high-quality content. Perfect for the fast-paced world of social media, it ensures you meet your content demands without missing a beat.

Breaking language barriers, the AI writer speaks the global language. With seamless multilingual capabilities, it transforms your content into a universal communicator. Whether targeting a diverse audience or serving multilingual markets, this tool ensures your message resonates across borders, fostering inclusivity and a global brand identity.

Versatility at its finest, our AI writer adapts to any topic with lightning speed. From blog posts to social updates, it’s your go-to for diverse content creation. Effortless, efficient, and endlessly creative, this tool is the secret weapon for social media enthusiasts looking to elevate their content game. Ready to redefine your content creation journey? Dive into the future with our AI writer.

3. The Headlime

Headlime requests a few details about your product in order to understand what you’re looking for, and then creates high-converting copy for your content and sales pages.

You can use templates by entering a few simple variables.

Headlime also employs a database of examples from successful brands to assist you in training your AI.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly, rather than creating content from scratch, uses AI to help you improve the content you already have. The great thing about Grammarly is that you can use it for any type of content you create, from emails to Slack messages to your content management system. It’s great to use for emails that you need to send to a wide variety of new prospects you located through your LinkedIn email finder. Any changes you make in attempts to improve the messaging, Grammarly can help you perfect the text and make it more professional. That’s why it’s highly recommended by the best affiliate marketing courses and blogging resources.

Did you know that even if you don’t have a Grammarly account, you can use Grammarly right in your Hootsuite dashboard?

You can write better social posts faster with Grammarly’s real-time suggestions for correctness, clarity, and tone — and never worry about publishing a typo again. (Everyone has been there.)

To begin using Grammarly in your Hootsuite dashboard, follow these steps:

Access your Hootsuite account.

Proceed to the Composer.

Begin typing.

That’s all!

When Grammarly detects a writing improvement, it will suggest a new word, phrase, or punctuation mark. It will also analyze the style and tone of your copy in real time and recommend edits with a single click.

5. Videoleap.

Videoleap is a valuable video editing app with AI tools to help your content marketing team generate and build creative and viral videos. It includes advanced editing features and stylish templates with AI effects to automatically apply them to video clips and share via your social media accounts.

One of its most outstanding features is connecting with other creators, seeing their templates, and repurposing their work with your own footage, which you can then customize as much or as little as you like. This all-in-one platform is excellent for beginners and experienced filmmakers to easily access all the essential tools to create, edit, personalize, and share videos from one location.

You can try Videoleap for free within seven days. The Pro version costs $7.99 per month (billed monthly) or $36 per year (billed annually).

6. Wavel.aI

Wavel assists viewers in achieving their goals and inspiring others to do the same. Wavel Studio has a diverse portfolio of video localization tools, including voiceover techniques. Regardless of their language requirements, our clients can improve their brand name. However, the Localization services that we offer are as follows:

  • High-Definition Audio: We provide videos with previously unseen texture and accuracy. We also include a human orator to ensure that users are consistently listening.
  • More than 20 Different Accents: We provide you with a variety of accents for engaging videos. We offer a variety of accents to help you connect with the audience.
  • Background Score: We combine hi-fi audio with incredible retained background noise to create an unrivaled listening experience.
  • Voice Cloning: We also allow you to create long-hour video content with authentic voices that do not require human interpretation and can include your favorite singer powered by AI.
  • Perfect Audio Syncing: We can provide you with an excellent listening experience. We create perfect synced audio for the audience using intelligent tools. Get more done with just your voice.
  • Straightforward Integrations: Wavel can be easily integrated into any platform for convenience. You can upload files directly from Google Drive, YouTube, or other sources to save time.
  • Dubbing: Also known as overlaying original voices with the language your target demographic is familiar with, it is a time-honored practice. It is usually more expensive than subtitling, but it is easier for the viewer to understand without being confused or distracted.


There have been numerous debates about the benefits and drawbacks of AI. While one group believes that AI will be more harmful than helpful by displacing human jobs, another group sees the bright side.

When applied to content creation, AI has been shown to transform a good post into a great one by seamlessly adding a bonus layer such as SEO optimization.

Not only that, but they can make continuous changes and adaptations to the content based on revised SEO rules with the speed and accuracy that a human content creator cannot match.

These are the capabilities of modern tools that enable anyone to be self-sufficient, whether a small-time entrepreneur or a social media influencer.

Moreover, Cardddle digital business cards provide a seamless and efficient solution for showcasing your professional information and credentials online, simplifying networking and connection building in the digital age. With user-friendly features and easy accessibility.

AI is learning in some way every day, and the possibility of it outwitting humans cannot be completely discounted.

However, it will take a long time for it to completely replace humans – another issue for another day. Until then, we can continue to use its capabilities to complete smaller tasks while augmenting it with human intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is content creation with AI?

By identifying relevant keywords or rewriting texts to be keyword-focused, AI-powered SEO can assist in the creation of high-ranking content and increase organic traffic. Recommendation for Content: Anyone with a strong concept can find an audience for their work thanks to AI-powered recommendation engines that identify new and up-and-coming innovators.

How does social media marketing leverage AI?

Social media marketers can employ artificial intelligence to make time- and effort-saving social media campaigns. AI enables businesses to automate numerous tasks, derive insights from consumer data, and better utilize social media platforms to increase marketing ROI.

What social media technology makes use of AI?

The well-known social networks you use every day and the marketing on those sites both heavily rely on AI technology. Facebook employs advanced machine learning to accomplish everything from deliver you content to recognising your face in photographs to target users with advertisements.

What are the different types of AI techniques used in Social Media ?

Artificial intelligence comes in three different main categories. They are Super AI, General AI, and Weak or Narrow AI. In addition, there are 4 further varieties of AI. Reactive machinery, the theory of mind, short-term memory, and self-awareness are a few examples.

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