Is Natural Reader the correct text-to-speech software for you? Does this text-to-speech tool have better alternatives? This ultimate guide will answer all your questions and take you through its game-changing alternative.

Natural Reader Overview

There are many text-to-speech tools you can use for free. Some even allow AI-driven text-to-speech capabilities to make the translation more engaging with human-like voices. Natural Reader is one such tool. It enables you to convert your written text into spoken words. 

As a text-to-speech tool, it can convert text to speech from web pages, Google Docs, handwritten notes, PDF documents, TXT files, and more. This tool is preferred for its user-friendly interface and human-like voices, which help individual users consume textual content more efficiently. 

Natural reader interface

You can also adjust the reading speed and pitch to consume content quickly. You can also customize the pronunciation of specific words or phrases, ensuring accurate reading of technical terms or names. These capabilities make it an apt solution for listening to books, documents, and articles while on the go.

Moreover, Natural Reader’s text-to-speech tool has an AI voice library to enrich your listening experience. You can choose the voice you like and convert any textual content into audio within minutes. 

Natural Reader Pros & Cons

When reviewing a tool like Natural Reader, it is crucial to determine all its pros and cons before deciding whether it suits you. So, here is a breakdown of all its upsides and downsides. 

Converts text from various formats (PDF, Docx, webpages, etc.) into spoken words.The free version offers basic functionality, while more advanced features require a paid subscription.
Allows users to adjust reading speed, pitch, and pronunciation for a personalized experience.The paid versions can be expensive for some users, especially those who will use it occasionally.
Offers a library of high-quality voices that sound natural and human-like.Some voices may sound more robotic than others, particularly in the free version.
Easy to navigate and use, even for those with limited technical skills.It lacks advanced voicing features such as AI dubbing and voice cloning.

Natural Reader Text to Speech: Reviews

While knowing the pros and cons of a tool is essential, it is equally important to gain a fair idea of its capabilities by reading customer reviews that highlight real-world experience with it. 

Positive Reviews

Review source: Software Advice

Review source: G2

Negative Reviews

Review source: TrustPilot

Review source: Common Sense

Natural Reader Features Explained

Natural Reader is a versatile text-to-speech (TTS) platform that comes in three versions. You can use it through its web version, mobile app, or the Chrome extension. As a TTS tool, it offers the following features.

  1. AI Voice Cloning: Transforms written text from documents, web pages, emails, etc., into spoken words.
  2. Supports language translation: Natural Reader text to speech allows you to translate your text into up to 40 languages. That means you can transform your text and go multilingual with your content.
  3. Multiple Input Formats: the tool supports various text formats, such as PDF, Word documents, e-books (ePub), and plain text files.
  4. OCR technology: OCR stands for optical character recognition technology. Natural Reader uses this technology to scan text from images as input and reads out text from images with ease.
  5. Humanly Voices: Utilizes high-quality text-to-speech voices, including standard and premium options with varying accents and languages.
  6. Voice Customization: The tool also allows you to fine-tune the voice you generate from texts. You can adjust reading speed, pitch, and volume to suit your audio preferences for the final output.
  7. Reading speed adjustment: Natural Reader allows you to control the pace at which you want your text to be read. So, you can increase or decrease the reading speed for a better reading experience.
  8. Pronunciation Editor: To add a personal touch to the recorded audio, you can use Natural Reader’s pronunciation editor. This editor allows you to customize how you want a word or phrase to be pronounced. The whole point of this feature is to ensure a natural-sounding voice output.
  9. Advanced Tune: The advanced tune feature allows you to choose different emotions for different words or phrases in your text.

Natural Reader (also quoted as NaturalReader) offers a range of features that facilitate text-to-speech conversion and enrich your reading experience. However, not all these features are available for free plan users. Also, it lacks various voicing capabilities, such as voice cloning and voice dubbing, which Wavel Studio offers for free.

Natural Reader Pricing

Natural Reader has divided its user base into personal, commercial, and educational users. It also offers different pricing for its software segregated into personal, professional, and advanced usage.

Personal Pricing Plans

The users who want to put this tool to personal use can go for personal pricing plans. Under this category, the free plan allows you to convert text-to-speech while giving access to a limited voice library. The Premium plan will cost you $9.99 monthly, giving you access to over 40 premium non-AI voices. This Plus subscription plan will give you access to 100+ AI voices, over 40 non-AI premium voices, and more than 20 languages. Here is a complete breakdown:

Free plan – $0

  • Premium voices with a generation limit of 20 mins per day.
  • Plus voices with a limit of 5 mins of daily usage.
  • Unlimited access to free voices.

Premium plan – $9.99/month or $59.88/year

  • Unlimited access to free voices
  • Over 40 premium non-AI voices
  • 8 languages

Plus plan – $19.00/month or $110/year

  • Unlimited free voices
  • 40+ premium non-AI voices
  • 20+ languages

Commercial Pricing Plans

Professional users can go for the commercial plans, which are as follows:

  • Free plan: Trial version
  • Single plan: $99 per month for a single user
  • Team plan: For up to 20 members, costing $204 per month for a group of four users.

EDU Pricing Plans

Natural Reader charges a different subscription fee for special, group, and class education, which is as follows.

  • Free plan: Trial version
  • Group license: For 5 to 50 members, pricing $199 to $599 for an annual subscription.
  • Site license: For large educational institutions, $1.20 per user per year, depending on enrollment and minimum order requirement. 

Software Pricing Plans

If you don’t want to go with the web version of the tool, you can also opt for its downloadable software and choose a plan that works for you.

  • Free plan: Unlimited Free Voices, mini board to read text in other applications, pronunciation Editor
  • Personal plan: All features of the free plan, two natural voices, converts text to MP3
  • Professional plan: All personal plan features, four natural voices
  • Ultimate: All professional plan features, six natural voices, 5000 images/ for OCR.

While Natural Reader’s personal pricing plans seem complex, they are more geared toward pricing the tool correctly for diverse users. However, the full version of the tool offered with the commercial plan subscription is still costly. 

The commercial plan, which offers all the tool’s advanced features for a single user, costs a whopping $99 per month for its text-to-speech capabilities. On the other hand, Wavel AI charges only $30 per month for its pro plan subscription. At this pricing point, it gives you access to dubbing, voice cloning, voiceover, and many more features in addition to text-to-speech generation capabilities.

Who should use Natural Reader?

As an AI text-to-speech tool, Natural Reader is suitable for personal use and also for users across professional, entertainment, and educational domains. Here are some use cases of the tool.

  • Learning: Natural Reader can help learners consume learning and educational material more efficiently. They can go through quizzes, notes, articles, and study guides without sitting down and reading them all manually.
  • Content creation: This tool can greatly help you voice your YouTube videos, podcasts, and more without spending money on voicing actors. 
  • Productivity: It is a helpful tool for consuming any textual content through its Android and iOS app while you are on the go.
  • Accessibility: It makes textual content accessible for individuals with disabilities, such as dyslexia or visual impairment, so they can more easily access written content.

Final Verdict: Is Natural Reader Worth Your Money?

Natural Reader is a good tool that provides a variety of text-to-speech features. After this in-depth review, we can say that it is commendable for making text-to-speech a breeze. However, to find out whether Natural Reader is worth your money, make sure you do enough research about its alternatives and the features they offer.

So, instead of committing to any tool at once, research whether it delivers value for your money. Look for alternatives, compare, and test the features offered by different tools at different price points in the market.

Natural Reader Alternatives

Researching the alternatives to a tool is important to ensure you do not overpay for a good or service offered by various providers. Below is a rundown of all Natural Reader alternatives with their respective capabilities and pricing to help you with the research part.

1. Wavel AI

Unlike Natural Reader, Wavel AI is a complete voicing solution. It goes beyond text-to-speech capabilities and gives you access to a full-fledged voicing solution. You can use it for AI dubbing, AI voice generation, voice cloning, text-to-speech, language translation, transcription, subtitle generation, and speech-to-text conversion.

Our AI voicing studio, Wavel Studio, houses all the aforementioned features. This Studio will equip you with over 250+ voices and 70+ languages to go boundless with content voicing and translation. Moreover, the free plan subscription by Wavel AI gives you access to a lifetime free account, unlike Natural Readers’ free trial commercial plan. You can use it to enrich your workflow and integrate it with over 12 platforms simultaneously.

Wavel AI’s pro subscription offers all these features for only $30 a month, compared to Natural Reader’s $99 professional plan. So, go ahead and test Wavel AI for free before investing your money.

2. Murf AI

Murf AI is another AI voicing tool that offers text-to-speech, voice cloning, AI dubbing, and AI translation capabilities. It is a mid-price range tool that is easy to use and offers a fair share of voicing capabilities with its Creator and Business plan. 

The downside of this tool is its pricing, which is $39 for the creator plan and $79 for the business plan. Despite the high pricing, you will still be deprived of voice cloning, AI dubbing, AI translation, and Murf AI integration capabilities. These features are only accessible for enterprise subscription users, which is the most expensive of them all. 

3. Voice Maker

Voice Maker is another text-to-speech tool that offers all essential features and gives you access to an extensive library of AI voices and languages. However, the tool still needs polishing in terms of UI and AI voice quality. Also, it lacks a fair share of integration capabilities.

Now that you have a detailed overview of Natural Reader and its capabilities, compare it against its alternatives. However, you can gain access to all advanced AI text to speech and voicing features in Wavel Studio for free. So, try now!

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