Welcome! So you want to integrate your Panopto account with Wavel. But you do not know how to go about it?

Do not worry! In this article, we will explain how you can integrate Panopto with Wavel seamlessly.

Part 1: Sign up and get API key from Wavel

Step 1

Create a Wavel account by visiting https://console.wavel.co/register. If you already have a Wavel account, proceed to the next step.

Wavel Registration Page

Step 2

Log in to the platform and go to the Access Tokens page.

Wavel Conversions Page

Step 3

On the Access Token page, you will see an option to Create Access Token. Click on it to create a new API key. Wavel will email you your API user key.

Wavel Acess Token Page

Part 2: Link your Wavel and Panopto accounts

Step 1

Log into Panopto with your Admin account. Select System, then select Caption Services.

Panopto Admin Page

Step 2

At the top of the Caption Services page, select New.

Captions Services pop-up

Step 3

The Create Caption Service pop-up window will appear. From the Provider and SLA dropdown menu, select Wavel

Create Captions Services with Provider and SLA highlighted

Step 4

Under Service Name, enter a Service Name that corresponds to the key (e.g., Wavel 24 hour)

Create Captions Services with Service Name highlighted

Step 5

Under Account Information, enter the Wavel API key you received in Private Key.

Create Captions Services with Private Key highlighted

Step 6

Next, select your Service Options

Create Captions Services with Service Options highlighted

Important Notes

Enable this provider: Checking this box means that Administrators and Caption Requestors can purchase captions through this service.

Allow any Creator to request this service level: If a provider is enabled, this allows all Creators to purchase captions for their videos in addition to Administrators and Caption Requestors. If you choose to restrict access to some users, leave Allow any Creator to request this service level unchecked and follow the steps in 3. Assign Permissions to Submit Captions to grant individual permissions.

Step 7

Click Submit to finish the integration.

We hope you found this article helpful while integrating your Panopto account with Wavel.

Happy sharing knowledge with you,

Team Wavel

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