Subtitles are texts, usually a few lines on the screen to aid the video viewing experience. They are typically available in various languages and create content localization pathways. In other words, they transform the video content into a local language of a specific market. Compare videos with and without subtitles, and you will notice the difference in the number of views. 

Subtitles increase marketability and pave the way to reach new markets based on a different language. To get new markets, you would also need to do preliminary market research and ensure that the content is appropriate and caters to the needs of that market. Consider the movie Parasite, which has won 4 Oscars; that’s a big win. It could not only reach the US market through subtitles but also connect to the context by using Western lingos. Here are some other perks of adding subtitles to your video.

Overcoming Barriers

There are thousands of languages in this day and age. One can’t know all the languages, and every language has a heritage behind it. It is crucial to embrace language diversity. Although languages may seem like a barrier, assuming them builds a connection. Adding subtitles to videos allows one to reach and connect with non-English native speakers. It is best to start by creating subtitles for global languages to reach a wider audience and create content with video accessibility. 

In addition to catering to non-native English speakers, people with hearing impairments also benefit from the presence of subtitles. It helps them to understand much better by aiding their hearing. 

Most Viewers watch without audio.

When we think about a video, audio is an important aspect. Nowadays, hectic schedules don’t give people enough time and space to watch videos with audio. The growing habit of watching videos on Instagram or Facebook, while travelling on public transport, and while waiting in public areas has led to an increase in watching videos on mute. To check this, Version Media and Publicis media partnered on a study in 2019 and found that 69% of the viewers watch videos on mute in public spaces and 25% in private areas. 

Viewer Engagement 

A study by Jan-Louis Kruger and Faans Steyn on whether subtitle reading positively impacts academic performance shows that the experiment conducted showed that subtitle reading positively impacted comprehension. Subtitles help the viewer retain their focus and attention as they stimulate many pathways in the brain. 


According to various studies, adding subtitles helps the viewer comprehend the contents of the video. It enables two brain pathways that help one focus and understand much better. 

A study on listening comprehension in 2016 by Amin Saed and two other authors showed that subtitles helped listeners associate verbal form and written form of the words more quickly than watching without subtitles.

Enhances Learning a New Language

We watch movies and shows in various languages like Dark (German) and Money heist (Spanish). Watching it in the original audio with subtitles enhances the viewer experience and subtly drives one to learn the new language.

Based on that idea, many language programs have incorporated watching videos with subtitles as a learning tactic for understanding the nuances of the new language in terms of meaning, syntax, and jargon. This type of learning would require high-quality subtitles in videos. 

At first, adding subtitles might now seem like much, considering budget cuts and the global economy. Still, you would gain an advantage with these extra functionalities and stand out amongst the plethora of content present on the internet. You would also attract the non-English speaking audience, and those who prefer the enhanced experience and something new in the market tend to gain the attention of the people. With just 20% of the production cost, you can reach a million more people and enter new markets with Wavel’s services. That would be a giant leap in marketability for your brand and content. With the correct subtitles, you can even boost your video accessibility. All of this is just a few clicks away. 

You can click on the link below to know more about adding subtitles to your videos. 

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