Burned-in captions sounds very ominous. But are they? Let’s take a look!

But before we dive into the pros & cons, use cases, and all that good stuff, whatever are burned-in captions?

Burning Curiosity for Burned-in Captions

Burned-in captions - The rise and fall of burned-in captions

Burned-in captions, or open captions, are embedded in—or burned in, thus the name—the videos directly.

In 1972, broadcasting corporations had used them to bring captions into the world of television.

Okay, but then why are they not as popular as closed captions (CC)?

One word: control.

Why were Burned-In Captions Not As Hot?

Back in Action - No sound? No problem!

Closed captions offer viewers control over their visibility. If you feel like you don’t need captions to enjoy your movie, you can disable the captions, and they will stop showing.

But open captions don’t offer viewers such control. If a movie has captions burned into it, you have to watch it with the captions. Deal with it!

You can see why the world chose closed captions when it comes to movies.

So Why are we Going Back then?

Viewing videos on social media platforms is astronomically different compared to watching a movie. For example, many users watch videos muted on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

But most of these platforms don’t have a dedicated video player that would allow users to enable/disable captions. In such situations, closed captioning is more or less useless.

Video marketers around the globe have felt the burn of this shortcoming of closed captions. Without captions, any message their content is trying to deliver is falling on deaf ears.

On the other hand, burned-in captions don’t rely on the platform or video player for visibility. As such, such videos will have captions visible at all times on all platforms. Deal with it!

Wavel to the Rescue

For a while now, we have been receiving feature requests for burned-in captions from our clients. Since most of our clients use social media platforms for their marketing efforts, it makes sense for them to want to embed the captions directly into their content.

As such, along with our new UI update, we have introduced them to our platform. With the implementation of this feature, Wavel can now embed your captions directly into your videos.

With burned-in captions, you no longer have to waste any time embedding them yourself. Just upload your videos on our platform, and let Wavel do all the work.

Visit Wavel to get captions burned into your videos today!

If you would like to reach out to us, you can do so by mailing us at reachout@wavel.co.

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