As a marketer, why do you believe video marketing is vital for your brand? Here is what 12 thought leaders have to say.

  • Video Marketing Captures Attention
  • Engage Senses with Video
  • Video Drives Revenue Growth
  • Video Marketing Meets Mobile Trends
  • Humanize Your Brand with Video
  • Video Marketing Enhances Yoga Instruction
  • Video Dominates Consumer Internet Traffic
  • Boost SEO with Video Content
  • Videos Foster Brand Connection
  • Showcase Brand Uniqueness Through Video
  • Videos Amplify Storytelling and Visibility
  • Video Builds Trust and Opportunities

1. Video Marketing Captures Attention

Certainly, as the Chief Revenue Officer of GoSite, I’ve seen firsthand how invaluable video marketing is for a brand. It’s no secret that engaging, easy-to-consume content is king, and video content embodies these aspects perfectly.

From my experience, video content has a unique way of capturing attention, which is a valuable commodity in an era of information overload. For example, when we incorporated video content into our marketing strategy at GoSite, we were able to capture the attention of our target audience—America’s blue-collar entrepreneurs—more effectively. Additionally, video content facilitated the process of illustrating the usefulness of our software platform in a user-friendly way, which was a critical step in connecting with our non-tech-savvy audience.

But the power of video content extends beyond just capturing attention. It also promotes higher engagement rates. In our campaigns, we observed that our audience was not only more inclined to share our video content but also to interact with it through comments and likes. This turned our customers and prospective customers into invaluable word-of-mouth marketers for our brand. Statistically speaking, we found that 76% of users confirmed they would share a brand video with their friends.

Therefore, based on these experiences, I firmly believe that video marketing is not just beneficial but integral for any brand striving to improve their marketing strategy. It’s a powerful tool that elevates brand visibility, fosters engagement, and propels a brand’s message in an impactful and memorable way.

Rex Liu
Chief Revenue Officer, GoSite

2. Engage Senses with Video

The more human senses you can appeal to, the better. If you think about photos or written content, the person on the other end of the screen can only see what you have provided. Videos, on the other hand, allow the person to not only see but also hear you. They can gather information on your mannerisms, and the confidence and tonality in your voice. Even if you are marketing a product, you have more control over what is shown and how much human connection is established. Videos also traditionally perform better online and trigger algorithms.

Isaac Mashman
Founder, Mashman Ventures

3. Video Drives Revenue Growth

Video has allowed us to do so much more than just post to social media and talk about ourselves on our website. It has given viewers and fans a new glimpse not only at our business but also at our industry. We now have over 90,000 followers on YouTube and a monthly live show that is watched by thousands of people. Whenever anyone contacts us or makes a large purchase, they always seem to talk about how they found us through our videos. One of the biggest jumps in revenue was due to a single viral video we did, which now has over 7,000,000 views. And all this was done as a small, family-owned business. We would have never gotten to where we are without video. The integration of video into revenue operations initiatives directly correlates with increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

Jeff Michael
Ecommerce Business Owner, Moriarty’s Gem Art

4. Video Marketing Meets Mobile Trends

I’d say that users these days increasingly rely on their handheld devices for information, often with limited attention spans. Video marketing addresses this trend, offering an efficient and engaging way to absorb information quickly. For instance, when we launched our latest service, we observed that the explainer video on our landing page had a higher engagement rate compared to the textual content. This not only validated our efforts in video marketing but also underscored its role as a vital tool in capturing audience attention and conveying our brand’s message effectively. 

Moreover, incorporating personal experiences and examples in our videos has helped build a more personal connection with our audience, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates. As marketing leaders, it is essential to recognize the power of video marketing and include it as a key component in our overall strategy. Determining the best time to send push notifications can further enhance the effectiveness of our outreach efforts and maximize engagement with our target audience.

Tristan Harris
Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

5. Humanize Your Brand with Video

In our agency, video marketing effectively humanizes our brand. It’s a powerful tool for building brand awareness and forging connections with our audience.

In my experience, associating a face with our brand name is a proven method for establishing a meaningful bond between our brand and the target market. We usually feature a compelling presenter, which can be the CEO or a representative from our company, to infuse our brand with a relatable personality.

The idea behind this approach is quite simple, really: People naturally connect with other people. If a brand comes across as excessively corporate, clinical, or distant, it’s likely to disengage a significant portion of consumers. My advice is this: If you don’t have someone who can be the face of your brand in your videos, make sure to include real people in your marketing campaigns. This will help in creating a more engaging and relatable image for your brand.

Patrick Beltran
Marketing Director, Ardoz Digital

6. Video Marketing Enhances Yoga Instruction

For our Yanva brand, video marketing is important because it serves as one of the primary means of communication between us and our clients. A significant portion of our work involves interacting with the client and their body. In today’s yoga world, we recognize that in order to remain competitive, it’s essential to offer both offline and online classes.

To achieve this, we have developed online lessons and produced numerous videos that teach various asanas and practices. Through video marketing, we can attract and educate our customers more efficiently. As a result, our clients become more flexible and have the flexibility to switch between in-person classes and online sessions.

Iana Varshavska
Digital Marketer and Yoga Therapist, Yanva

7. Video Dominates Consumer Internet Traffic

By 2025, video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic, so any marketers ignoring it are effectively working, at the very most, at 20% of their full potential. If I’m not using video marketing to boost brand reach, we’re cut off from the vast majority of the users we’re working so hard to connect with. To handle this much traffic what you need is spectrum internet.

Beyond the popularity of video, video marketing also allows us to enrich the brand experience and deepen relationships with potential customers. If you’re watching a video that uses visuals, sound, and the human experience to connect, you get to immerse yourself in a genuine story the brand is telling you. It’s not impossible to build that connection via text, but conveying the same emotion is much more challenging. Consumers demand a genuine personal brand experience, and it’s easier to deliver through rich media.

James Delapa
Director of Digital Marketing, Wrike

8. Boost SEO with Video Content

Ditch text-heavy pages for SEO gold! Videos aren’t just engaging for viewers; they’re catnip for search engines. Google loves rich content, so embedding videos boosts your organic visibility like rocket fuel. But the benefits go deeper than rankings. Think longer page dwell times, higher engagement, and happier users sticking around to explore your brand.

It’s a win-win: You climb the search ladder while lead nurturing with immersive storytelling. Remember, SEO isn’t just about keywords; it’s about creating content that captivates. So, fire up your cameras, craft compelling narratives, and watch your brand rise in the SERP kingdom.

Rebecca Chou
Co-Founder, Gourmet Food Marketplace

9. Videos Foster Brand Connection

Videos are highly engaging, capturing attention more effectively than text or images. They can convey emotions and narratives that resonate with viewers, fostering a stronger connection with the brand.

John Cammidge,
Google Ads Consultant, JTC Google Ads

10 Showcase Brand Uniqueness Through Video

As the owner of a video editing and marketing agency, I believe that video marketing is essential for any brand. It’s the best way to showcase and explain what makes you unique. For instance, in a short TikTok video clip, we can convey the personality, values, and benefits of our and our clients’ brands in a way that’s engaging and memorable. Additionally, integrating tools like the WordPress Chart Plugin into our video content strategy can enhance our ability to present data and statistics effectively, further enriching the viewer’s understanding and engagement.

I believe that when it comes to marketing, it’s not just about telling your audience what you do; it’s more about showing them the story behind your brand. Plus, people are naturally drawn to visuals, and video allows us to tap into that connection on a whole different level.

Daniel Willmott

11 Videos Amplify Storytelling and Visibility

Recently, I’ve recognized the critical role of video marketing in the digital era for any brand. Videos bring a dynamic element to storytelling, showcasing products or services while emotionally connecting with your audience. Their shareability can significantly boost brand visibility and even create viral moments. Moreover, videos enhance your website’s SEO, given search engines’ preference for video content.

Shawn Manaher
Founder, The Content Authority

12. Video Builds Trust and Opportunities

Video is the closest we can get to meeting face-to-face. Over time, video marketing develops connections between businesses and consumers, which then breeds trust and creates business opportunities. We believe heavily in video, so we create content five days a week for TikTok, LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram. Our best videos are also used as ads.

Robert Brill
CEO, Brill Media

Sneha Mukherjee

Content and Copywriter at Wavel AI

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