Bringing Characters To Life Through The Power Of Text To Speech Voices

By infusing emotional experiences into your narrative using wavel's unique AI TTS voices, you may improve the gameplay experience for your audience.

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Create Personalized AI Voices

By tweaking the timing of lines, playing with various moods, and changing the pitch of syllables, you may individually tailor the voices of each character.

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Many Characters With Different AI Voices

Select an AI voice that best reflects the character's characteristics to distinguish the tone and expression of an evil character from a hero or a humorous character.

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Quickly Change AI Voice Dialogue Lines

Don't wait until the voice acting sessions are over to make changes to your game script. Wavel allows you to quickly change dialogue lines, add new voices, and hear variants in real time.

Crafting Compelling AI TTS Voice

A strong voiceover has become crucial to the enjoyment of video games as an interactive storytelling medium. Wavel makes it simple to produce online voice overs that are full of passion and provide the most lifelike performances for video games. Don't stress about needing to spend a fortune renting out recording studios. Create unique voice overs for various characters in your video game by selecting an AI voice from Wavel's expanding collection of TTS voices in a variety of accents and languages.

How to Create an AI Voice for a Video Game in 3 Easy Steps

Use Wavel To Create Realistic Voice Overs For Video Games

One of the industries in the world today with the quickest growth is the video gaming business. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic saw an all-time high in the popularity of video games. With 82% of people playing video games and watching gaming-related content, the industry saw enormous growth. Teenagers and young adults are a large segment of the user population for games like PUBG, Counter-Strike, and Valorant. The immersive and fascinating voice overs in video games are one of the main factors contributing to their rapid growth.

A true narrative medium is video games. The demand for a strong plot and compelling people with authentic personalities increased as video games developed and matured.The need for excellent voice acting that gave the game project spirit and character also increased. This prompted game makers to contact expert voice actors for video games to voice various characters and give them the much-needed personality.

However, it was a time-consuming and expensive process to hire a voice actor, have them record the video game screenplay, rent a recording studio, and then outsource the final audio file to an audio engineer to mix and edit the voiceover.

Here, AI voices started to replace traditional voice acting in video games in a time- and money-saving manner. Since motion capture and performance capture are not supported for video game characters, these characters must accurately represent every emotion.

With the use of a synthetic speech generator, this gap can be easily closed. AI voices allow video game producers to quickly assign voices to their characters since they can quickly mimic many of the details of human speech, such as inconsistency, expressiveness, and various delivery styles.

Making AI Voice Over Narrations For Video Games: Steps

Making voice overs for video games is simple and easy with Wavel. Give Wavel the dialogue from your video game's characters or the script for your game. Depending on your screenplay, select one or more AI voices of your choosing to voice the game's characters. As needed in the script, add unique characteristics like pause, pitch, tempo, and more. By selecting background music from Wavel's carefully chosen selection of royalty-free music, you can also add music to your voice-over narration. Create the audio to create the narration for your game lastly.
Wavel's voice changer function allows you to upload your own voice and use it to give your video game characters AI voices. Additionally, you can change and edit your character's voice over. Let's take an example where a female voice actress recorded the original screenplay for a gaming character. The video game character's gender was changed to male, though. How do you alter the voiceover at this time? Originally, you would need to hire a male voice actor, preferably one with prior expertise, and have him record the game script.
However, all you have to do with Wavel is submit the original recording there. Select a male AI voice from Wavel's collection of more than 250+ voices in more than 30+ languages by selecting the AI voice changer option, and then render. Voila! You can quickly get a man to voice your video game character. You don't need to pay a voice actor. No requirement to lease a studio. There's no reason to waste money.