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Creating marketing videos or advertisements in-house is time-consuming and expensive. Marketing teams, on the other hand, can use Wavel to create custom voice overs for everything from audio advertising to website content to television commercials to product or service videos, and more. All you have to do as a marketer is select an appropriate AI voice for your brand messaging, upload a script, modify and edit the content, build the voice over, and you're done. It's as simple as pie.

In 3 Easy Steps, Learn How To Make Advertising Voice Overs

Creating The Ideal Ad Script
Creating a voice over script for your project is not as simple as it appears. It must be catchy while also being straightforward and brief. More importantly, the script should communicate a clear message.
To create high-quality voice recordings for your marketing project, your script must make sense and be simple, cheery, and light rather than rational, monotonous, and boring.

Diverse AI Voice Actors 
Voice overs are one of the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective ways to connect with, engage, and convert an audience into customers. Furthermore, they allow brands to streamline production and reduce costs while maintaining engagement. According to studies, ads and commercials with voice overs consistently outperform those without in focus groups and target audiences.
Furthermore, voice over assists ads in delivering new information, lending credibility, and being more relevant and persuasive. Ads are most effective when they both show and tell the message and story that the advertiser wants consumers to remember.Voice-over commercials help audiences understand what a company stands for while also allowing brands to demonstrate their value and showcase their products and services in as much detail as possible. Wavel provides AI voices for all advertising use cases, including YouTube video and audio ads, Instagram ads, and Spotify audio ads.

Selecting the Best Voice for Your Ad
Choosing the right voice for your commercial can help you establish brand recall and increase engagement rates. According to research, an annoying voice recording with a forceful delivery can cause up to 75% of customers to abandon a purchase. The right voice will connect with listeners and compel them to pay attention, eventually encouraging them to act on the call to action.
Getting the tone right will assist businesses in maintaining consistency across multiple channels. Age, delivery style, and tone of voice are also important factors in commercials. If you're going for a hard sell, you should use a more announcer-like tone of voice.If you prefer a soft sell, a pleasant and friendly tone will suffice.

As a result, it's critical to select a confident voice that sounds like or appeals to the target audience, as this helps to solidify a company's positioning. In fact, a distinct voice tells customers that you "get" them, and your brand appears more trustworthy and familiar. They assist in acquainting your customers with your product or service. When it comes to reaching out and forming an emotional connection with many consumers, the right voice can make all the difference.

Wavel has AI voices for all fields of business, from fun, lighthearted tones that connect with a younger audience to highly professional, authoritative voices that capture the attention of a mature audience.We have calm and authoritative tones that are appropriate for life insurance commercials, as well as empowering and uplifting tones that are appropriate for beauty and self-care product advertisements.

Wavel's Key Features For Advertising Videos
Marketing teams can use Wavel to either create a custom AI voice from a human voice that best suits their business or choose from one of the many AI voices available on Wavel's text to audio platform. For the former, if you have a well-known corporate leader who you want to be the face (and voice) of your company, you could use Wavel to create an AI voice that looks like them.
If you want a brand voice but don't have a specific human voice in mind, Wavel offers several natural-sounding AI voices from which to choose the right commercial voice for your business.A genuine human voice with personality and a confident tone that matches the brand will make your audience feel heard and represented. This not only improves brand metrics but also has long-term benefits such as increasing consumer consideration and purchase intent.
You can highlight different words, particularly those that define your business, by pronouncing them in a specific way using Wavel studio's pronunciation functionality.
Using Wavel's 'Emphasis' feature, highlight specific words in your script to highlight your company's core values. You can also use emphasis to draw attention to the names of high-end products.
Allow your audience to effectively listen to, absorb, and process your messaging by including pauses in your marketing video script.
Multiple Languages, Multiple Voices
Create voice overs in multiple languages for your marketing campaigns and commercials to appeal to audiences all over the world. Wavel provides a diverse set of 250+ AI voices in 30+ languages. Among the languages available are Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. You can also add fun, enjoyable elements to your ad copy by using different accents in your voice over work.
For example, if you have multiple characters in your brand radio, internet, and TV spots marketing jingle, you can select a different AI voice or accent from Wavel's diverse range of voices for each character.