Animation TTS Voice Overs that Infuse Life Into Visual Content

Wavel's diverse animation voices allow you to deliver your messaging or product information in a playful, accessible, and engaging manner.

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Give Each Character Their Own Distinct Voice!

The magic of great animation is dependent not only on the graphics but also on the characters' voices. Wavel allows you to select from a wide range of AI voices to give each character a voice that the target audience will recognise.

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AI Voices For All Types Of Animation

While an animated e-learning video may require a neutral, standard pitch with consistent pacing, a comedic infomercial may require a comedic, friendly tone of voice, and an activism video may require a formal, confident tone. Wavel's voice customization features allow you to tailor the AI voice to the use case.

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In Minutes, You Can Make Ready-To-Use Clips

Wavel allows you to create an entire animation film with a gripping voiceover in a matter of minutes, without the need for voice artists or expensive recording equipment.

Get Ready For Some Serious Auditory Delight With Stunning TTS Voices

Wavel allows you to create animation voice overs for broadcasts, commercials, and other markets such as television, commercials, online animations, short films, computer games, and audiobooks. Simply select the voices that best fit your characters from Wavel's 250+ AI voices in 30+ languages and watch the magic happen.

In Three Simple Steps, You Can Create Voice Overs For Your Animation

The Art of Animation, A Disney-Pixar Feel 

Animated videos have begun to make their way from the world of children to the world of business. It is due to the nostalgia of childhood that it evokes. A full-fledged audiovisual animated video is enjoyable not only for children but also for adults. Brownie gets points for its ability to draw attention. Animated videos are an excellent medium for adults to explain, demonstrate, and narrate a subject or concept in a fun and engaging way. However, the additional costs of hiring voice over artists, renting a studio, and investing in expensive recording equipment, among other things, can deflate your dream of creating the perfect animated voiceover for your explainers, commercials, or educational videos. This is where Wavel comes in to help you cut corners and save money on versatile voice actors. Wavel achieves the same result—studio-quality voice overs in a matter of minutes—after multiple attempts, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional voice actor.

Make Interesting TTS Voice Overs For Your Animated Content 

Animation is more than just pretty pictures. A great voiceover is essential for humanizing the video and adding a sense of familiarity that allows the audience to easily connect with your messaging. A voiceover, regardless of the type of animation video being created, invariably adds value to the project. As seen in many famous cases such as Robin Williams as the Genie in Disney's Aladdin, Tom Hanks as Woody in Toy Story, and others, voice brings a character to life. Whether you're a beginner who can't afford to spend money on manually recording voice overs or a large corporation, everyone likes to cut costs wherever they can. Wavel can also assist you in producing the highest-quality natural-sounding voiceover possible. 

Why Should You Consider Wavel For Animation Voice Overs?
Make a script that no one will be able to refuse.
Every detail of a script must be flawless. Every detail and every line of a creative script will reflect the main theme. Approach your audience in such a way that your main message is effectively communicated.

Have You Ever Been Disappointed After Watching A Movie With Great Visual Effects But Poor Dialogue?

That is exactly how your intended audience will feel if your animated video lacks a strong script to support the voice over narration. You can quickly learn how to write an excellent script. It is not a natural talent, but rather a skill that can be learned.
Selecting the Best Voice
It's time to bring your great script to life now that you've written it. A character's personality is defined by their voice. A character's ethnicity is defined by the language in which he or she speaks. The character is defined by the style and tone. These factors are taken into account by Wavel when developing AI voices for animation. In fact, we already have a large library of male and female animation voices available for users to use in their creative projects.

The Emotional Icing On The Cake
It is critical to capture the appropriate emotions when creating a voiceover. We're curious how you'd react if someone said the same thing to you, whether happy or sad.Wavel’s studio, on the other hand, gives you the tools you need to really spice things up! You can change the voice in your video to match the scene or scenario by pausing it, emphasizing it, raising or lowering the pitch, and much more. Having said that, you can also enhance the impact of your animated video by adding background music from Wavel's royalty-free music library.