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Utilizing a Hindi video to text converter expands your global reach. Wavel swiftly and effortlessly transcribes your Hindi video files.

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Need rapid translation or interpretation of Hindi videos? Wavel AI, the robust tool, is at your service. Obtain Hindi text by converting your Hindi videos with Wavel, the advanced video to text converter for Hindi. Wavel accommodates various audio and video files in MP3, MP4, and WAV formats, and efficiently translates them into your preferred language.

Upload your Hindi video to text conversion on Wavel's platform. Easily drag and drop your file by choosing it from your folders.

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Choose 'Transcribe' and select Hindi. Click 'Submit,' and the platform will initiate the process of generating precise video to text in Hindi for your English video.

Select the file format and click 'Export'. Your Hindi video to text conversion is now complete.

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How to Transcribe Hindi Videos to Text

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To transcribe a Hindi video to text, first you need to open your Wavel account. Once logged in, click on the 'Import Audio or Video file' option on the left sidebar. This will open the file import window where you can select the video file you want to transcribe from your computer. Make sure to select the Hindi language option for transcription. You can then upload the video file by dragging and dropping it or clicking the select file button to browse files. After successfully uploading the file, the transcription process will start. Once completed, you will get the Hindi text or transcript of the uploaded video file. You can then export this transcript file in various formats like PDF, Docx etc.

Wavel supports various audio/video file formats for transcription which includes MP3, WAV, MOV and MP4 files. The MP3 format is commonly used for audio files with relatively small file sizes. WAV files are used for higher quality audio without compression. MOV and MP4 are common video file formats that work across different platforms and devices. Once the transcription is completed, the transcript text can be downloaded in text file formats like TXT, DOCX and PDF. These text file formats are universally supported and can be opened on computers as well as mobile devices.

Wavel offers transcription services in over 20 global languages which includes Arabic, Bahasa, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Marathi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Telugu. This wide language coverage helps users transcribe audio/video content into their desired language with high accuracy. The real-time transcription APIs supported by Wavel can transcribe videos and audio files into text form within these 20+ languages. This multilingual transcription capability enables global outreach for content in different regional languages.

While Wavel provides free trials and free plans for basic usage, professional video transcription requiring high volumes does need a paid subscription. The free plans allow testing transcription quality and language accuracy for a limited duration or quantity of minutes. However, for transcription of full videos and audio files, a subscription is required. This is because high quality Hindi video to text transcription involving human reviewers requires substantial computing power and resources. Wavel offers different pricing packages for individuals and businesses according to transcription minutes, volume discounts and additional features. Paid subscriptions start from affordable monthly or annual plans based on your specific transcription needs.