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Don't let audio hold you back! Easy transcription is your one-stop solution for converting any audio or video content into clear, searchable text.

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Conquer Any Audio with Easy Transcription

No matter the source, Easy transcription empowers you to transform your audio and video content into clear, editable text. This versatile service tackles a wide range of content, from business meetings and interviews to lectures and podcasts. By capturing every word with accuracy, you gain a valuable written record that allows you to easily reference key points, share information efficiently, and improve accessibility for everyone. Easy transcription eliminates the need for manual note-taking and ensures no important detail gets lost in the recording.

Quickly upload your audio file by simply dragging and dropping it into the designated section of our audio transcription generator. Alternatively, you can easily add the YouTube link for the desired file, enabling the generation of accurate subtitles with ease.

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Wavel Repurpose

Select the language of your audio file and then specify the language for your subtitles when using a audio transcription generator. With Wavel AI, you can access over 70 languages. To customize it even further, change how your subtitles look, change the font size, color, alignment, and much more.

Once the customized video speech to text process is completed, carefully review the generated text. Upon ensuring its accuracy and completeness, click the “download” button to download the transcribed text file in a preferred format such as .srt, .vtt, .pdf, .json, .txt, or .doc.

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Document transcription typically refers to converting a physical document, like a handwritten note or a scanned image, into digital text. Here at Wavel AI, we specialize in Easy transcription, which focuses on transforming audio and video recordings into clear, editable text.

Absolutely! Wavel AI boasts support for over 70 languages in our Easy transcription service. Simply upload your audio file and select the appropriate language during the process. With our advanced technology, you'll receive an accurate text transcript in your chosen language.

Yes, you can! We understand that recordings might have background noises or require minor adjustments. After the transcription process, you can meticulously review the generated text and make any necessary edits to ensure its accuracy.

While our Easy transcription service prioritizes accuracy, separating multiple speakers currently requires a more specialized approach. However, we're constantly developing our technology, and this functionality might be available in the future.

The processing time depends on the length of your audio file. Easyly, Wavel AI is incredibly efficient, and you'll receive your transcript in a matter of minutes!

We accept a wide range of popular audio file formats, ensuring maximum convenience. You can upload MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, and many more!

Wavel AI empowers you with flexibility! Upon completion of the transcription process, you can download the text in various formats to suit your needs. Choose from .srt, .vtt, .pdf, .json, .txt, or .doc formats for seamless integration into your workflow.

We encourage you to experience the power of Wavel AI firsthand! We offer a free trial so you can test out our Easy transcription tool and see how it streamlines your audio and video content management.