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Break free from time-consuming video transcription! Let speech to text video transcription convert your video content into clear, editable text.

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Say goodbye to tedious manual transcription, and hello to a world of streamlined video creation! The Wavel AI speech to text video transcription seamlessly converts audio to accurate text captions. Wavel AI has been a favorite to many as we offer many benefits for content creators and viewers alike. Imagine effortlessly generating video to text captions, making them more accessible for viewers with hearing impairments or those who prefer watching with captions.

Effortlessly upload your audio file for speech to text video transcription by dragging and dropping it into the designated section. Or you can also, provide the YouTube link for quick conversion in our video to text tool. Rest assured, our platform ensures high speech to text accuracy, delivering clear and precise transcripts every time.

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Wavel Repurpose

After uploading, select the language of your audio file and specify subtitle language preferences. Utilize Wavel AI Speech to Text video transcription converter, supporting over 70 languages, and ensuring high accuracy. Customize subtitles further by adjusting font size, color, alignment, and more to suit your needs.

Upon completing the speech to text video transcription, carefully review the transcribed text for accuracy. Once satisfied with the video transcription, click the "download" button to export the text file in preferred formats such as .srt, .vtt, .pdf, .json, .txt, or .doc, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

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Wavel AI speech to text video transcription saves you countless hours compared to manual captioning. It unlocks the content of your videos for a wider audience, improves accessibility for viewers with hearing impairments, and boosts SEO by providing crawlable text for search engines.

Wavel AI takes immense pride in stating that we offer 99% accurate texts making us an ideal choice for your various content needs. Be it professional or personal use, Wavel takes care of all your video transcription needs.

Unfortunately, Wavel AI does not support real-time transcription. However, you can always record live streams on Instagram or YouTube and transcribe them with our tool for the best results.

Yes, Wavel AI offers free trials of our tool. Simply sign up, earn credits, and use them to convert speech to text in seconds.

Wavel AI stands with every user to protect their data, identity, and ideas every time. We deploy multiple security measures to ensure your data is protected at all times.