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The world is your oyster with Wavel AI speech to text translator! Travel confidently, conduct seamless business meetings across borders, or simply connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Our innovative tool shatters communication barriers by translating spoken words into clear text across a staggering 70+ languages. No more frustrating misunderstandings or language learning struggles. Speak your world and be understood – the power of global communication is at your fingertips.

Quickly upload your audio file by dragging and dropping it into the designated section of the Wavel AI speech to text translator. Alternatively, you can also provide the YouTube link for the desired file, quickly generating accurate subtitles. The translate speech to text starts with this step.

Wavel Repurpose
Wavel Repurpose

Select the language of your audio file and then specify the language for your subtitles when using the Wavel AI speech to text translator. With Wavel AI, you can access over 70 languages. To customize it even further, change how your subtitles look like, change the font size, color, alignment, and much more.

Once the customized Slack transcription process is completed, carefully review the generated text. Upon ensuring its accuracy and completeness, click the “download” button in our speech to text translator to download the transcribed text file in a preferred format such as .srt, .vtt, .pdf, .json, .txt, or .doc.

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Wavel AI Speech to Text Translator makes the process simple! Upload: Choose your video file (or YouTube link) and the languages for speech and subtitles. Convert: Click "Start" to transform speech to text. Use: Download the text (TXT, SRT, etc.) or copy and paste it directly into your Word document. Easy!

With Wavel, the process is always accessible and breezy. To convert speech into text, you just need to upload a video or add a link to a YouTube video and transcribe the video in whatever language you like.

We offer a free trial to experience the power of breaking language barriers without commitment.

Absolutely! Wavel AI Speech to Text Translator works seamlessly within most web browsers, eliminating the need for downloads.

Yes, you can convert audio to text on mobile using Wavel AI speech to text translator online.