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In the realm of hindi dubbing video, discovering the ideal voice to harmonize with your content can often be a daunting endeavor. However, your quest for the ultimate dubbing solution concludes today with Wavel! Our platform boasts a diverse array of lifelike voices, providing an array of language options, and with just a few simple clicks, you can swiftly and effortlessly perfect the dubbing for your videos. Say goodbye to the complexities of dubbing – Wavel streamlines the process, allowing you to achieve dubbing excellence in the languages of your choosing within a matter of minutes. Experience the transformative power of Wavel for all your dubbing needs, be it English to Hindi or beyond.

Choose both the source language and the target language for your video dubbing. Explore the wide array of voices provided by Wavel.ai and pick the one that perfectly complements your video.

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Wavel Repurpose

Upload the file you want to dub.

Begin the dubbing process, and within a few minutes, you can download your preferred dubbed voice!

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There are several easy steps to upload files for dubbing on the Wavel platform. First, you need to login or signup for an account on Wavel.ai. Once logged in, you will see your dashboard where all your projects will be listed. Click on the 'Upload' button to start the process of uploading your video or audio file. You will then be guided to select the file you want to dub from your local device storage or provide a downloadable link. You can also paste media directly by providing a URL link. Make sure to select the source language of your content and the target dubbed language as Hindi. Once uploaded, you will be able to preview the file and start the dubbing video process.

To download the dubbed files after processing, log into your Wavel dashboard and locate the project for which you had uploaded the original file. You will see various tabs with details of the project like transcripts, timeline etc. Hover your mouse over the file name tab, you will see three dots appear on the right side. Click on the three dots to see the download option. Select the dubbed language file you wish to download. You can also download the original file for reference. The dubbed files will be downloaded in various popular audio/video formats like MP3, MP4, MOV etc. depending on the original file format.

Yes, it is possible to generate dubbing for all available voices in one go on the Wavel platform. While uploading the audio or video file, you need to select the option of generating dubbing for all available voices under the chosen dubbed language. The system will then automatically process the dubbing with each voice option parallely and once completed, all dubbed audio/video files with different voices will be available for download from your dashboard. This helps save a lot of time compared to selecting and generating one voice at a time.

Wavel supports uploading audio files of size upto 1GB for dubbing. You can upload single files or multiple files together as long as the cumulative size of all audio files stays under the 1GB file size limit. This allows users to submit source audio content of considerable length or multiple audio clips together for batch dubbing. Files in common audio formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, AMR etc. can be uploaded. So you have a good level of flexibility in terms of file sizes and types to be able to process practically any dubbing requirement.

The most common file formats supported for dubbing on Wavel include MP3, MP4, MOV, WAV, OGG among others. The output dubbed file format will depend on the format of the original uploaded file. MP3 and MP4 are universally popular audio-video file formats. MP3 is preferred for pure audio dubbing output while MP4 is used if you want the dubbed audio synced with the video. Other formats like MOV and WAV are also supported depending on your project requirements. Theplatform ensures the dubbed file format remains the same as original for compatibility.