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Your audio dubbed in Chinese language can now change the way it impacts the audience!

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Reach your Chinese-speaking audience with audio.

For a quick, efficient and accurate Chinese Dubbing, Wavel is the way to go. Get the best Chinese Dubbing for your file by adding the voice of your choice with Wavel. Choose file formats of MP3, MP4 and WAV to upload the source file in and pick the apt file format for you to download. You can choose multiple languages, voices, emotions, emphasize on words and ,more with Wavel's AI studio!

Select the Source Language and the language you wish your audio to be dubbed into. Explore the various voices available on Wavel.ai and select the perfect one for your audio.

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Upload the file you wish to dub.

Process the Dubbing and in a few minutes, you can download the dubbed voice of your choice!

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You have multiple options to upload your audio file for dubbing on Wavel. You can click on the 'Upload' button on your dashboard which will show options for Transcription, Translation, and Voice Over. Upon selecting Voice Over, you will see options to upload your file directly by clicking the select file button or pasting a shareable link. You can then specify details like selecting the source and target languages, requested voice options, date by which you need it and any additional comments. This allows you to easily submit your dubbing request on Wavel's online studio platform.

Once your dubbing request has been processed by Wavel, which generally takes a few hours depending on the file size and languages, you will receive a notification email. You can then login to your account dashboard and click on the recent or current orders option to see the status. Upon successful completion, you will find download buttons or links to download the dubbed audio files in your requested format like MP3, MP4, WAV etc. You can also access previous order downloads from your account. The downloaded dubbed files are yours to use as per your needs.

Yes, Wavel allows dubbing individual sentences/lines from your source audio file into multiple voice options simultaneously. While uploading for a dubbing request, you have the ability to select multiple voice options for the target language. TheAI system will automatically process each line or dialogue and generate an audio output for every voice selection. This helps save time as you can get dubbed versions in various voice talents or accents with just one submission. You will then be able to download each audio file separately for all selected voices once processing is completed.

Wavel supports uploading audio files of size upto 1GB for dubbing. You can upload single files or multiple files together as long as the cumulative size of all audio files stays under the 1GB file size limit. This allows users to submit source audio content of considerable length or multiple audio clips together for batch dubbing. Files in common audio formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, AMR etc. can be uploaded. So you have a good level of flexibility in terms of file sizes and types to be able to process practically any dubbing requirement.

Some most commonly used and supported audio file formats for dubbed audio outputs on Wavel include MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG and AMR. MP3 remains one of the most popular formats for finished dubbing due to its smaller file sizes and compatibility across devices. WAV is preferred when higher quality is required without compression. M4A and OGG are other compressed but higher quality alternatives. AMR is specifically useful for ringback tones and IVR systems. Users can select the format they need during download based on end use like streaming online, using in apps/videos or for ringback tones.