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Effortlessly translate your Tamil audio to Telugu text

Expand your global reach with Telugu translations. Easily translate your Tamil audio file with just a few clicks, courtesy of Wavel.

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Produce Top-Quality Telugu Translations

Looking for rapid Tamil audio translations or to convert Tamil voice to Telugu? Look no further than Wavel AI, your powerful solution. With Wavel, you can achieve seamless Telugu translations by transforming Tamil audio. We accept a variety of audio and video file formats, including MP3, MP4, and WAV, and transcribe them into your preferred language.

Upload your video to Wavel's platform with ease by simply dragging and dropping the file or selecting it from your folders, whether you need Tamil to Telugu translation or other language services.

Wavel Repurpose
Wavel Repurpose

Select ‘Translate’ and choose Telugu. Click ‘Submit’, and the platform will begin generating accurate Telugu translations for your Tamil audio, whether it's Tamil to Telugu or any other language.

Select the file type and click 'Export.' Your file containing Telugu text is now prepared and ready for use!

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Once you open your Wavel account, you need to click on the Import Audio or Video option where you can select the audio file you want to translate. You can drag and drop the audio file to upload or select it from your folders. After successfully uploading the audio file, you need to click on the Translation option where you can select the source and target languages. For translating Telugu audio to text, you need to select Telugu as the source language and the text format as the target language. Once you submit the file for translation, Wavel's advanced Neural Machine Translation technology will transcribe the Telugu audio to text format. After the completion of the translation process, you can download the translated text file in multiple formats like DOC, PDF, TXT etc.

Wavel allows users to upload audio/video files in multiple file formats for translation. Some of the popular file formats supported for uploading content are MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, FLV, WEBM etc. These file formats cover a wide range of audio and video files created on different platforms. Once the translation or transcription process is completed, Wavel allows users to download the output files in various formats depending on their usage. The most common download formats available are TXT, SRT, CSV, DOCX, PDF etc. Users can select the appropriate output format like TXT for text documents, SRT for subtitle files or DOCX/PDF to retain formatting of the translated text.

Wavel supports translation and transcription of over 20 major global languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and many more. The AI models have been trained on gigantic language data to attain high accuracy for translingual communication. Whether you want to translate between any European, Asian or Middle Eastern languages - Wavel offers robust translation capabilities. You can select any two or more languages for your translation project from the extensive language list. The platform also allows mixing multiple source and target languages in a single project for bulk translation requirements.

While Wavel provides powerful AI capabilities for audio-text conversion, the free plan only supports limited usage. To translate Telugu audio files to text on Wavel, you need a paid subscription. The basic plans start at just $19/month which allows translating up to 500 words per month. There are also value packs for individual, business and enterprise users depending on volume requirements. A free trial is available for users to test functionalities. However, for translating production audio files, a paid membership is advisable. The subscription fees are very nominal compared to cost of manual translation services and offer unlimited access to Wavel's entire translation tools suite.