Dear Wavel Users,

We are excited to announce the launch of Wavel’s new UI and payment process!

Dashboard in Wavel’s New UI

User dashboard in Wavel's new UI

As per your feedback, our team has redesigned the dashboard. The new design makes the following tasks easy:

  • uploading files from your computer
  • integrating with your hosting solutions, such as Vimeo, Kaltura, etc.
  • keep track of your credits
  • access your conversations, courses, notes, meetings, and integrations

Payment Process in Wavel’s New UI

Payment interface in Wavel's new UI

We have overhauled the UI for the payments process so that you can:

  • add extra hours during the payments process
  • View your current plan details and features
  • provide your payment details

Flexible Pricing Plans

Speaking of payment methods, the new UI introduces more flexible pricing plans that better fit your requirements and don’t under- or over-deliver.

Multiple Uploads and Downloads

Along with the new UI, we are also introducing a new feature that will allow you to:

  • import multiple files at once
  • download multiple files at once

Customer Support Chatbox

Customer support chatbox introduced with Wavel's new UI

Another new feature coming with the new UI is the customer support chatbox that will:

  • resolve your queries promptly
  • redirect you to relevant resources as needed

Miscellaneous Changes in Wavel’s New UI

Apart from the above, Wavel’s new UI comes with the following changes for a better user experience:

  • auto-invoicing
  • optimized captions editor
  • burned-in captions for better social media reach

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your feedback and patience! We wouldn’t be able to come this far without your continued trust in us!


The Wavel Team

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