With audio/video content on the boom, many creators and corporates that produce such content are looking for ways to make it more accessible. With accessible and inclusive content, they aim to expand their reach beyond your average viewer/listener.

In this regard, transcribing the content has proven to be a very effective means of increasing reach! But who would transcribe hours’ worth of content with pinpoint accuracy? Certainly not the content creators, lest who will produce the content, right?

From this need for accurate transcripts, the demand for skilled transcriptionists skyrocketed!

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Skills of a Transcriptionist

But who is a transcriptionist?

A transcriptionist is an individual who specializes in skills that are essential for producing highly accurate transcripts!

What skills, you might ask? There are many. But some of the more important ones would be listening skills, language skills, familiarity with word-processors, typing speed, etc.

Most wannabe transcriptionists are very confident in most of the skills listed above. Except for the…

Recommended Typing Speed

A frequently asked question among the transcription community is, “How fast do you have to type to get hired as a transcriptionist?”

As per our experience, 70 words per minute!

But that doesn’t mean that you should abandon your hopes of becoming a transcriptionist if you can’t go that fast!


So how fast do you have to type to be a transcriptionist? 70 wpm!

However, having a 70 wpm typing speed is just one of the many requirements you need to fulfill to become a transcriptionist.

As long as you have a keen eye for detail and are fascinated with languages, you can improve in other areas with enough practice!

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