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Making pitch-perfect audio ads for Spotify is really simple with Wavel's AI 250+ voices. in 20+ Languages. A simple ad script is all you need. Discover Wavel Studio and watch the magic happen.

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Voiceovers for Spotify ads created from scratch in high quality?

Want to check a collection of soundtracks? Wavel Studio has all the tools you need to produce flawless Spotify commercials.

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Custom voices for audio advertisements

Wavel studio provides more than 250+ voices to meet all of your commercial needs, ranging from Jenny's lively and energetic voice to Linda's fun and laid-back tone.

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Simple to use tools

Rich tools from Wavel Studio, such as Pitch, Pause, Pronunciation, and Emphasis, assist you in keeping your ad script's emotional and aesthetic value.

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Digital marketers and companies have a unique opportunity to target highly engaged users with Spotify ads. Spotfiy, unlike other ad platforms, demands a top-notch voiceover to convey the brand message. Wavel Studio assists you in producing a beautiful voiceover with a rapid turnaround time, allowing them to easily broadcast Spotify commercials.

How to Design a Spotify Ad using Wavel Studio from Scratch

                                  What Are Spotify Ads? 

There's no need to introduce Spotify. Over the past ten years, Spotify has transformed the way we listen to music and has grown to be the leading online audio streaming service. If you want to listen to anything while driving or preparing dinner, Spotify is the way to go. It has anything from your favourite Coldplay songs to brand-new episodes of Joe Rogan's podcasts.

The Spotify advertisements studio exited beta in June 2020 and grew into many international markets. Spotify streaming ad insertion is an excellent option to reach your audience on your terms in any setting, at any time, on any device, as it has a sizable user base.

Why should you run a Spotify ad?

The goal of Spotify's advertising strategy is to modernise audio advertising so that both marketers and creators may benefit from growth and impact. With an ad studio on par with the Google Ad Platform and Facebook's Business Manager, Spotify has developed a variety of advertising capabilities over the years in keeping with its objective. Any company can launch a Spotify Advertising campaign and engage with users for about $250, giving digital marketing a new angle. Here are a few justifications for using Spotify for advertising.

Large Range
Spotify has seen 422 MAU in Q1 2022. Despite having a limited audience in comparison to Facebook and Google, Spotify advertising's reach is expanding more quickly than the market as a whole.

Fantastic audience targeting
Targeting options based on Spotify customers' music and podcast consumption patterns provide a wealth of user indications that advertisers can utilise to customise their advertisements.

Spotify has raised the bar for podcast advertising above all other platforms. You may target the relevant episode content, which can range from business and finance to pets and mental well-being, based on the genre of the podcast episode that Spotify customers are listening to.

Call to action that is clickable
Getting people to take action is a key objective of any advertisement. Desirable user behaviour for business can be generated by an ad creative or ad script that can express what you want the user to do.Unlike a radio commercial, Spotify's music and podcast adverts let sponsors pair their audio advertisements with a clickable call-to-action that encourages viewers to visit their website, gather leads, or download their app.

Boost Your Audience Engagement with Highly Engaged Users

Utilizing the Power of Engaging User Activity with Spotify Ads for Improved Audience Engagement. With the typical Spotify user listening to music for 140 minutes every day, the platform presents a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their audience engagement by leveraging the already engaged user activity through targeted Spotify Ads for a more impactful "moment of truth."

Spotify Ad Studio vs. Wavel Studio
You can easily and affordably contact listeners with the help of Spotify Ad Studio. The ability to quickly produce audio commercials from scratch is lacking, though. Copy and images are needed to create a Google ad (Text Ad/Banner Ad) or a Facebook ad, allowing for short turnaround times. Spotify need a little bit more than just copy and images. To be live-ready, marketers require voiceover for Spotify advertisements.

With a $250 commitment from the advertiser, Spotify Ads Studio will find a voice actor, offer a sizable selection of authorized soundtracks, and produce your finished audio. Free of charge, all of this. The voiceover, however, takes between 24 and 48 hours to transmit on the Spotify advertisements platform.

With Wavel Studio, Any brand must establish an emotional connection with its audience. Brands may produce voice overs for advertisements using Wavel's AI voices that appeal to Spotify customers and effortlessly meet their needs.

With Wavel, producing Spotify audio advertising is a straightforward five-step process:

Step 1: Use Wavel's text editor to enter your audio ad script or upload an existing script.

Step 2: Select the voice that best suits your ad profile and tonality from Wavel's vast collection of 250+ AI voices.

Step 3: To give your advertisement more aesthetic appeal, use the Studio's customization tools, such as emphasis, pausing, and pronunciation.

Step 4: Upload your own music and sync it with the narration, or choose background music from Wavel's collection of soundtracks.

Step 5: To render the audio in the necessary ad format, select "Build Audio" from the menu. You may now use your ad studio account to post the advertisement as a podcast or Spotify music ad.

Marketers cannot overlook the fact that there is a rise in interest in audio content. In fact, the majority of production enterprises and businesses are seeking ways to cut costs while simultaneously increasing output volumes. Marketers can be sure that an audio ad they create with platforms like Wavel will produce measurable results for the company.

Wavel Studio includes a variety of capabilities that can make it simple for you to easily generate audio ads and video commercials for Spotify's advertising platform. Rich features that Spotify ads studio miss out on. Here is a long list of elements designed to make it simple to implement the advertising campaign's creative.

Voices and tones of Choice
250+ AI voices in 20+ languages and accents are available from Wavel Studio. The voice can be filtered by gender, use case, language, accent, and tonality.

The pitch determines how high or low a sound is. You can pick the voice over preferred pitch.

You can alter the pronunciation of any word in the project using the pronunciation tool. When a certain voice cannot precisely enunciate any word, this might be employed.

Put Pause
Using the add pause tool, you may insert pauses between words, phrases, or paragraphs. One of the most important tools for voiceover synchronizing is this.

You can emphasize a word or words with the Emphasis tool to highlight a word's important parts.

Songs and Soundtracks
There is a selection of background music available from Wavel Studio. In order to make it easier for you to select an audio track that suits your needs, it is also labeled by use case and musical genre.

How to Write a Spotify Ads 
Script with Calls to Action and Brand Cues
The best part of making an advertisement is writing the script. To deliver the brand message, it is crucial to identify what you are marketing and who your target audience is. Three essential ideas to keep in mind when you write your script

Defining the brand
Ads should begin by imprinting the brand name in users' thoughts. It might be as easy as saying "hello" to the listeners to spread the word about your brand. Make sure listeners are aware of who they are listening to. You may establish ad recall by doing this.

Concentrate on One Message
Choose just one value proposition or narrative that you wish to share with the target audience.
Pick a voiceover that suits you.
The purpose of a voice for a brand is to forge deep connections with its audience. It is crucial to impart characteristics of trust, aspiration, authority, likability, and a host of other qualities, depending on the brand's business sector and target market. Decide what you want listeners to feel when they hear the advertisement. The script and voice for each of these components must be delivered by the ad creative.

A variety of text-to-speech voices, ranging from happy and energetic to bright and cheery, are available at Wavel Studio. For a variety of different tonalities, we have developed commercial voices.

Test out targeting and context
With their first-party user profiling, Spotify has the fundamentals covered in terms of demographics. You can select to target consumers based on their age, gender, and geography depending on who your audience is.

The ability to give the context of Spotify users is the biggest advantage of advertising on Spotify. To send the Spotify audio ad, advertisers can select the podcast episode, music genre, or both. Choose a combination that functions best for your company.

For businesses wishing to advertise with a particular goal, Spotify advertising now enables bespoke targeting in addition to the aforementioned possibilities.

Observe the guidelines for audio ads.
The Spotify Adverts Studio permits audio ads that last 15 or 30 seconds when they are combined with a display ad. A regular advertisement can last no more than 30 seconds. The number of words might vary from 50 to 80 depending on the speed of the speech. The typical voiceover speed is 2 words per second, making it easy to calculate words to time. The specifications for ad format are listed in full here.

File Type The Spotify ad studio uses MP3 audio files. For programmatic and the private market, use OGG format. Having both ad formats will enable you to distribute your Spotify marketing campaign more widely.

File sizes for the private market and programmatic are 500 MB and 1 MB, respectively, for Spotify's ad studio.

Sample rate. To reduce the possibility of using the incorrect playback speed, make sure you adhere to this sample rate, 44.1 kHz. 

Audio bitrate. Given that an advertisement is frequently paired with a high-quality podcast episode or music track, it is essential for an effective advertisement to have 192 kbps in setting. 

Loudness of the audio as a whole
A -16 LUFS average loudness ensures that the volume of the advertisement matches the content.

Publish in Stereo
exporting in stereo is a must. Ad formats in stereo make it easier to maintain a consistent listening experience between Spotify music tracks and audio and video advertisements.

Alternative Formats
With Spotify advertising, a 60-second long form audio ad type that can be skipped from 31 to 60 seconds is available. However, the Spotify ad studio does not presently support this format.