Professional Text to Speech Voice Overs With Natural AI Powered Voices

Wavel offers a selection of over 250+ emotions and pitches from 20+ Languages. to make professional automated human-like voice over for your video content.


Do you have a script? That's all you need to do to add a professional voice over to your video. There is no need for a recording, and there is no background noise. To give you complete control over your human-like voiceover, our voices support customization options such as pitch, pause, pronunciation, speed variation, and emphasis addition.

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You have the convenience of easily producing the same video in numerous languages thanks to Wavel studio's AI synthesized voiceover, which can speak in 20 different languages. Simply change your script, select an emotional voiceover for the language, and re-render. You can connect with different audiences more effectively by using multilingual synced voiceover videos.

With a well-timed voice over, you can improve the engagement of your videos. Wavel is the most straightforward tool for matching the timing of voice over audio with video content. You can time each scene in the video by creating a separate audio file for it. In addition, unlike most video editing software, no video editing experience is required.

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Make your videos look and sound better by incorporating ultra-realistic AI voices.

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An Easy Click to Voice Converter

Professional Human-like voiceover made instantly with Wavel Studio in just a few clicks.


An Effective Online AI Voice Generator for
Content Creators

Produce studio-quality voice overs online with more variations, little effort and no help from Professional
voiceover services.

As Simple as it gets

As Simple as it gets

Professional AI Voiceover

Professional AI Voiceover

Background Voice Over Audio: The Finishing Touch

Background Voice Over Audio: The Finishing Touch

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can click on the ‘Upload’ option on your dashboard where the options, ‘Transcription’, ‘Translation’, and ‘Voice Over' will be available. Once you click ‘Voice Over’, you will have the options upload and paste along with downloadable links and other options to specify your requirements. You can choose Voice Over in the same language of source audio but different accents or request the same in multiple languages.

On your dashboard, if you scroll over the file name, you will see multiple icons. Click on three dots located at the right end, you will see an option to download all the above.

Yes, individual sentences have to be picked and voice have to be selected

You can upload any file or number of files as long as they are under 1GB limit.

For download we support around 10 formats(mp3,mp4,mov)

Create Voice Over Videos in 3 Simple Steps


Open Wavel Studio and import your video/images or videos from YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion. Now enter or paste your script into Wavel’s text editor


Choose the best voiceover for your video from over 250+ emotions, pitches and 20+ languages. It can be male, female, old, or young; the possibilities are endless.


Change the volume, emphasis, pause, and pronunciation to make the voiceover sound how you want it to. Include some cool background music that complements your story. To render, click 'Build Video.' Wavel will handle the rest.


What Makes Wavel The Best Video Voice Over Tool?

Video commercials are one of the most effective ways for businesses to tell their stories. With Wavel's extensive library of advertising voice overs, you can bring the characters in your ad to life. These are engaging, exciting, fast, and energetic voices. Wavel's AI voices can be used to create YouTube Ads, Spotify Ads, and Social Media Ads.

Adding an inclusive voiceover to the visual content improves engagement and, more importantly, accessibility, whether you are creating corporate training videos, brand commercials, product demos, explainer videos, YouTube videos, or eLearning modules. Given that an estimated six billion people worldwide are non-native English speakers, voiceovers remove cultural and language barriers associated with video content, allowing creators to reach a larger audience. They serve as a secret weapon in assisting businesses and creators to engage with their target audience, build brand authority, and build a loyal customer base.

Traditional voiceover production, on the other hand, is time-consuming and expensive. Hiring voice artists, renting a studio, investing in expensive recording equipment, outsourcing to audio editors to create the voice over video, subscribing to third-party editing tools, and more are all part of the process.

Online voice Overs Are An Essential Video Marketing Tool.

A professional voice over is an extremely effective addition to any branding strategy. By incorporating voice over video, businesses and content creators alike can capitalize on the audience/ever-shrinking consumer's attention span while also avoiding one of the most significant challenges in video content creation—multitasking. Video creators and businesses can get their message across to consumers and start seeing results even before they watch the video by creating compelling voice overs that will capture their attention and keep them engaged.

Users can create the perfect video with a captivating voiceover for any use case using Wavel's text to speech tool, which goes beyond simply converting text to realistic speech and also serves as a voice maker.

Voice Over For Creators Online

Wavel enables creators to create synced voice over videos for their YouTube videos, podcasts, short animation videos, gaming, audiobooks, movies, and other projects. Using Wavel to create content can help creators not only capture the audience's attention and make complicated videos easier to follow, but also highlight funny moments. Furthermore, as creators, you can create interesting voiceovers for your videos at scale by having access to Wavel’s ever-growing AI voiceover catalog and royalty-free music library.

Online Voiceover For Businesses

Wavel AI voice generator is one of the most efficient ways to make your company's videos more accessible to employees and customers. Business owners can also create engaging voice overs for their ads and commercials to promote their brand on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Voiceovers aid in the reinforcement of a brand's identity. You can use Wavel to create an audio logo for your brand that speaks to your target audience and demonstrates what you stand for. Voice over videos that are well-crafted make a good first impression on the audience and provide a good return on investment.

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