Return and Refund

Return and Refund

At Wavel, customers are provided with an option to return items purchased on the platform. Any order that is eligible for a return, and where the return request does not exceed fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery, shall be covered under this policy.

Customers have the option to cancel an order in transit by filing a return request with Wavel’s customer services agents (CSA). Upon return request creation, our CSAs verify the return request to approve it and initiate the cancellation process. After going through quality control verification at Wavel’s warehouse, such items are either returned to the seller or restocked in the inventory based on Wavel’s decision. For some cases described in the next sections of this policy, Wavel also proactively compensates the Seller from the Seller Protection Fund managed by Wavel.

Customer Cancellation and Returns Management

Scenario 1:Customer Returns:

All customer returns (i.e. customer-initiated returns and non-delivered returns) are brought back to Wavel’s warehouse. With respect to customer-initiated returns, a basic identification check is performed at the time of item pick-up at the customer’s doorstep and a quality check is performed at the warehouse, and for all non-saleable inventory, a grade is assigned to every returned item upon receipt of said item. Refer to Annexure-1 below to check various aspects of the inbound QC process.

Any such returned items qualify as “good inventory and eligible for sale”. Wavel shall store such items at our warehouse to fulfil any subsequent customer orders based on the seller’s preference defined in Seller Lab. For all other cases, Wavel shall initiate an RTV process within a week, or whenever such returned items, pending for seller delivery, reach a limit of ten (10) units, whichever is earlier.

The grading will invoke a compensation amount from the Seller Protection Fund managed by Wavel, which will be paid to the seller along with the RTV request.

Circumstances when Seller Protection Policy is not applicable to sellers: Except as provided, Wavel will not cover the sellers under Seller Protection Policy in the following circumstances:

  • Mis-shipment or Item Incorrectly Detailed. Item shipped by the seller is not as per the description on the platform, or in cases where the seller has shipped the wrong product
  • Missing Parts. The seller has not fulfilled the order in accordance with the details on the website (i.e. a missing freebie, accessory or a part)
  • Fake/Defective/Used/Expired Product Shipped. If fake products, defective products, used products and products post expiry date are shipped by the seller and returned by the buyer
  • Seller Fraud. If the seller is found violating any of the Wavel’s seller policies, the seller’s claim amount will be put on hold
  • Intact Product. In case the buyer has shipped back the product to the seller and it has been received in perfect condition
  • Manufacturing Defects - Dead on Arrival. Product partial or complete failure within fifteen (15) business days
  • Additional Circumstances. Sellers hereby agree that under no circumstances shall Wavel be liable or responsible for any damage or loss caused to items on account of terrorism, war, invasion or warlike operations, civil war, rebellion, detention by public or government authority, protest or strikes, riots, delay, detention or confiscation by customs or other authorities, war, invasion or warlike operations, damage or loss caused by any process of repairing, renovation, deterioration arising from wear and tear; moth; vermin; insects or mildew or any other gradually operating natural cause.

The seller protection fund safeguards sellers from losses incurred due to customer returns or courier return received in an unacceptable condition via compensation from the fund, thus ensuring that the sellers are not unfairly impacted. Furthermore, this policy has been designed to safeguard sellers’ interests and make Wavel a secure medium to conduct business.