Our Mission

To help businesses ride on the Wave of Voice AI

Businesses struggle to repurpose their hard-earned audio/video assets. By creating single-purpose content, these businesses miss opportunities that could have been offered.

We're here to empower enterprises to reinforce their message with our technology.

Our Foundation

Content by humans, future-proofed by AI


Give your content another dimension with Voice AI.


Enhance your content to complement the viewer experience.


Multiply your creatives, amplify your presence.

Our team

We are a team of professionals and experts

Built-in Entrepreneur, trained as a Scientist. Lead growth-driven businesses in the past. Believe in a future written with Voice AI, write poems himself.
I'm a second-time founder, product visionary, and growth hacker. Love to spend time reading more about other entrepreneurs in my free time!
Being passionate about spreading love by roaming around the world, belive in achieving and celebrating, outgoing girl with career goals.
Enjoys working with customers to solve business problems. Likes to tinker with technology occasionally.
Passionate about making plans and bringing them to life. Loves to spend his spare time watching sports, cooking, reading, and sleeping.
Positive, tenacious, and an ambivert who wants to be independent and successful. Love to spend my spare time cooking/baking and playing with my cats.
Passionate about building things for the web, he is your run-of-the-mill millennial with a passion for gaming, writing, and designing.